Wherein the Piper Cub experiments with political satire about a certain occupant of the White House

The Cub has been going to school dances, and the Chicken Dance is a big fave with the grade 3 set. They particularly like belting out the lyrics:

"I don’t wanna be a chicken,

I don’t wanna be a duck!

So I shake my butt like Donald Duck!"

Admittedly not a masterly lyric, but of course it gives little grade 3 boys a chance to wiggle their butts while giggling hysterically.

Tonight I was working upstairs when I head him singing his song downstairs, although I couldn’t make out the lyrics. Then he and Mrs Piper burst out laughing, and I heard her say, “Go sing it for Daddy.”

The Cub arrived upstairs, red tie over his tee-shirt and said, “I have a song for you, Daddy.”

Then he began:
"I don’t wanna be a chicken,

I don’t wanna be a duck,

<spin, facing away from me>

So I shake my butt like Donald Trump!"

<Obligatory butt wiggle, followed by little boy gales of laughter>

<Turns back to face me, bows deeply and leaves.>
I have no idea where that one came from. However, he told me I was to post it on the Internet for my imaginary friends.

Tell him that “rump” is a better rhyme than “butt”. Even “hump” would fit.

it’s a cute story!.
But what’s up with 8 year olds going to dances at school?
That’s a good 5-6 years younger than my generation did it. I’m really surprised.

Now, yeah,…I’m approaching retirement age, but am I so totally out of touch with the modern world?

The Cub sees us as “imaginary friends”?

I will suggest that to him, thanks!

Maybe he’d like an ITMFA pin to wear to school.

I wore one to work yesterday, but nobody knew what it meant. :frowning:

Dates back to his early days when he was trying to figure out how I could have friends that I’ve never met.

Plus, if he were to chat about y’all at school, I think it better that he not tell his teacher that “Daddy has lots of Doper friends.” :eek:

Yep, they have dances with a DJ and everything. Surprised me too at the beginning.

What does it stand for?

Impeach The Mother Fucker Already

ETA: come to think of it, maybe not ideal for a 3rd grader.

Yes, that was my impression as well. Especially for a Canadian school. Too much to explain.