Where's Bricker?

That’s my preferred format for dated computer files, because alphabetizing them also sorts them in chronological order.

(Mundane enough for ya?)

(Damn, ninja’d!)

I donno, but he seems to have taken John Mace with him.

All in all he’s just another Bricker in the Wall

I have this bridge for sale…

Bricker vanished in a puff of logic.

On a romantic holiday?

Snerk! Thanks - I needed that! :smiley:

He disappeared for a while not that long ago–I think around February. He came back, and didn’t acknowledge he’d even been gone. I emailed him once last time, and he didn’t answer, so I didn’t bother doing so again.

I also seem to remember people doing the “long time, no see” stuff, and not getting a response, either.


If anyone wishes to take shots at another poster they are free to do so in the Pit. Do not do it here.

I’m sorry both of them are on hiatus. I welcome their comments, whether or not I agree with them.

Two of my favorite Dopers.

Why the hell would you think you’re the person he’d want to get in an email correspondence with? That’s just weird.

He wasn’t involved in anything particularly heated before he left so either it’s real life or just finally got sick of the place.

We agree this time. :slight_smile:

Two of my favorite posters as well.

He probably wasn’t enjoying engaging with posters on the Dope any more; I’m surprised any conservative leaning posters come here at all.

“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”


Well, he’ll be in the job within a couple weeks then, and back on the Dope in about a month.

In the Navy, for humans at least, everything would have been 15 NOV 2018 – spaces and all UC for the month. I date my (infrequent) checks that way. Dating punch cards* or the like would be 20181115 so, as has been mentioned a couple times, they will sort properly.

*I dated a punch card only once. She was too flat and had too many holes for my taste.


The problem, of course, with dates like 15 NOV 2015 is that some people don’t use English month abbreviation, which plays havoc with some of the auto-conversion routines.

Fortunately, there is no well-known culture that commonly uses YYYY DD MM, and since recent centuries can’t be confused with months, we sometimes used YYYYMMDD to construct strings that needed to be automatically converted to dates.

I have a vague notion that Bricker was a government contractor. With the shutdown and resulting furloughing of many contractors, perhaps he’s got more important considerations right now than participating in a message board.