Where's Bricker?

Bricker has been one of the SDMB’s most prolific posters, but hasn’t posted since 15/11/2018. He has however been looking here on the board as recently as 25/12/2018.

Where art thou Bricker?


Holy shite Kam, first you lose your kiwifruit and now you’ve done gone and lost Bricker?

Once is a misfortune, twice smells of carelessness …

I think hes taking a break due to the political virtrol he was involved in ……

Sometimes it is best to NOT poke a sleeping bear…

He’s on a world tour.

With Waldo. Over there. In the corner.

He was third in line to be Trump’s new chief of staff, and is working off his disappointment.

Since when are there 15 months?

15 November, 2018.


It’s a perfectly cromulent way to write dates in Oz and Canuckistan.

They do things different in the Land Of Aus.

Alright. I know that. It was a joke.
Back to “Where’s Bricker?”

I can only presume that, now seeing the truth of American conservatism laid bare and the consequences of the ideology unfold in real time, he’s taking some time for quiet introspection and reevaluation of his life choices.

Or there just have been various consecutive large waves of family holiday visitors.


This is why I like the format of ##mon####, as in 15Nov2018. The letters of the month act as a separator for the numbers, eliminating the need for hyphens or slashes (which can be misinterpreted when handwritten), and it’s unambiguous even for people unfamiliar with it.

My bolding.

I think you accidentally tapped the A key and the Caps Lock when typing the country where they “do things different”.



(Family guy’s Oz reference)

FWIW, when I worked at an Air Force base the date format was YYYYMMDD or YYYY/MM/DD.

I only use anything other than YYYYMMDD when other idiots require it. It alphabetizes properly and is unambiguous.