Where's Kara??

I usually follow Smallville having been a Superman fan since my youth. Overall they’ve done a decent job updating the Superman story in Smallville. The new season started and I’m wondering, where’s Kara, Supergirl, Kal-el’s cousin? I know Lex is no longer a regular and they explained that within the story line. What happened to Kara? Was that resolved in some episode I missed or is he writing just sloppy?

Okay, let’s see if I can trace it. Braniac took Kara back in time to Krypton to stop Clark from getting sent to Earth. Clark managed to follow them, (don’t remember this part too clearly myself,) and Braniac nearly killed Clark. Kara saved his life, Clark made sure his younger self got launched in the space pod, and then met up with Kara, who said that she killed Brainiac.

But after they get back home, Chloe eventually discovers that Brainiac was actually masquerading as Kara, he turns back into James Marsters and attacks Chloe, Clark has his showdown with Brainiac and short-circuits him for good. We see a shot of Kara behind a shape that looks like one of the gates into the phantom zone, but that’s the only hint to her current location.

In the plot context, it’s still somewhat unresolved - Clark doesn’t really know what Brainiac did to the real Kara or if she’s still alive. This presumably leaves the door open for the character to return at some later point - just give Clark some clue that Kara needs his help and he’ll stop at nothing to rescue the last surviving member of his family.

Any other questions?

Nope Thanks. Somehow I missed it.

She’s off taking acting lessons somewhere.

This whole season has me off balance. First Lionel Luther, then Lana, then Lex. Where’d everybody go? I mean, I know what happened to the characters, but why’d the actors leave?

I like the new characters and Oliver Queen being a regular is fine, but still. Abrupt changes.

This new mysterious EMT guy, what’s his deal?

I’ve read (although I don’t remember where) that he is going to end up being Smallville’s interpretation of Doomsday

This article has some interesting details: http://www.newsarama.com/tv/080714-smallville-swimmer.html I didn’t realize that the showrunners have also moved on.

Not stated straight out there, but I get the impression that Kreuk and Rosenbaum declined to extend their contracts or commit to appear as regulars this season, and so the writers worked their disappearances into the script as well as they could.