Where's my apple "pages" app?

I’m in the process of setting up my new iMac so I downloaded my pages app from iTunes this morning but now I can’t find it.
Spotlight lists it as a document, but if I click it simply kind of flashes but nothing else happens. I also checked my apps list and it isn’t there.
BTW; when the download finished it didn’t go through the install procedure I remember from my old iMac. And, the download took 15 mins, so it must have went somewhere. :confused:
Any advice would be great

If you downloaded Pages through iTunes, you downloaded the version for iOS devices. Mac apps are available through the Mac App Store, accessible by clicking on the Apple menu and choosing App Store.

I see. I guess I should have signed on for one on one. This iMac is quite different from my old one.The girl said I have 90 days.
Do I need to do something to get rid of the version I downloaded?

If it’s a mobile app you downloaded from iTunes, you can click on the Apps category under your iTunes Library (the list in the left-side pane), and it’ll list all the iOS apps you have backed up on your Mac.

Right-click on any of them to reveal where they are in your Finder, or to delete it. Even if you delete it locally from your Mac, they’ll always be available to re-download from your iCloud account if you change your mind.

Done and done. I have the right one now.
Thanks, guys