Where's my signature?

For the last week, when I post a reply, I select ‘show signature’ and preview - no signature. I select the box again (because now its blank) and submit the post. No signature. I (obviously) have a signature in my profile, the board recognizes my screen name, I’m registered.

I’m stumped. Any ideas or fixes?

Be sure the “show signature” box is selected.

Until a couple of weeks ago, the default was checked, now it’s unchecked.

your humble TubaDiva

Tuba, he said that he did check that already… I would also double-check the profile, to make sure that the sig is still there. Sorry I can’t offer anything more constructive…

You need to check the show signature box after you preview your post.

Test reply to see if my sig is working

That was the fix - thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Any MST3K sig deserves a look.