Why isn't my signature showing up?

I’ve added the signature, and clicked on “show signature” on the options page. Still nothing whenever I post.

You can shoot me now. :smack:

Not sure how I doubled posted the thread, but I beg for mercy and a lockdown.

Well, you got to click the Show your Signature box, now, don’t you?

I used to have the same problem. Turns out, I was previewing before I posted. How stupid of me.


I do.

I merged the two together.

Have a nice day.


…and it works. I swear to all that is holy, that I have tried that many times to no avail. The timing might seem convenient to you, but as Andy Dufresne says “I find it decidedly inconvenient”.

Are you saying that you check the “display signature” box and nothing is showing up?

Do you preview just before you hit the reply button? Previewing defaults to “no signature” and removes the check box. You have to recheck it before you hit “reply.”

Yes, it’s annoying. But less annoying to the community than the other way around. We do understand it’s more annoying to you. Sorry.


I believe that is the issue. Thanks Tuba for the insight. It’s only more annoying to me because I’m not as smart as the rest of the community.

Big difference between “stupid” and “don’t know.” The first category is not always correctable; the second one always is.

Don’t worry about it. This forum is where you go to get answers for technical questions, just doing our job here.