Where's the coverage?

I’ve watched carefully, all the networks, searched cnn, and it took this Newsday Piece to bring it up.

A snip from the article…

Who is covering this? Why isn’t it front page? A New York City Police Detective beaten fucking unconcious by protestors, and NO ONE FUCKING COVERS IT?
Not CNN, Not Fox, nobody.

You’d think this kind of thing would merit some coverage, a man doing his job, serving and protecting those fucking anarchist malcontent cocksuckers exercising their freedom of speech, and the very people he protects beat the man senseless.

And all supposedly because the police didn’t tell them what they were doing. You know what? Unless you’re actually being ARRESTED or SEARCHED, they DO NOT HAVE TO TELL YOU WHAT THEY’RE DOING.


Nevermind what you and your unruly mob of assholes fucking THOUGHT they were doing, you protestor fucks acted like wild animals, and beat a man unconcious, and for what? NOTHING. Far as I know, (and I’m not on the streets, so I don’t know first hand, but) the cops so far have been anything but the jackbooted thugs you want them to be.

Sure, they’ve arrested people, it’s what they DO when those people break the law, but you don’t hear anything about them needlessly beating protestors, and even when a guy gets too far out of line and has a smack coming (yes, it fucking well happens, and you know it’s sometimes necessary) he’s hardly beaten senseless by a gang of rogue cops.

Sure, there are those shitbag cops who do that, and they ought be strung up by their balls, but that’s not the issue.


I saw a 5 minute piece on it last night on CNN.

Fox covered it as well. It was featured on Gibson’s “The Big Story”.

Right here, pal.

As far as I’m concerned that they caught the fucker should be on the front page of the post, not Schwartzwhatever.

They’re going to take care of him alright <wink> <wink>, and that’s perfectly fine by me. What a waste of life.

I posted that in the GD thread the other day, but it was a threadkiller. Hey, if you get in the way of their protest for peace, they will KICK YOUR ASS!

I’m sure it was just a preemptive strike.

(kidding, kidding)


You also realize that the actions of asshat protestors has fuck all to do with your dumbass boy Bush fist fucking this country into the fall of the republic right?

Any protester from any party that does what he did isd an asshole of the highest degree. He wasn’t even part of a party, he was some street thug out to cause trouble.

So, buttonjockey, do we conclude from this thread that you’re a disingenuous shit-stirrer who’s trying to pretend that the eeeeevil libruhl media refuses to cover stories of violence perpetrated by the left.

Or should we assume that you’re just too stupid to search the internet?

Sounds like the actions of one violet psychopath, not an unruly mob. Whence the ire for all protestors as a monolithic group?

Let me toss in that CNN’s morning program today (9/1/04) gave it at least 4 minutes (in two segments).

So let’s keep that righteous indignation under control, eh?

Maybe I missed something, but after re-reading the story linked in the OP, we’re looking at a group of **plainclothes ** police who rode their scooters into a crowd. Out of a “group” of apparent civilians who rode into a crowd in NYC, only one got beaten up! That’s pretty friendly. If a group of scooter punks rode into a crowd in your town, don’t you think at least a couple would have gotten thumped? Certainly, if the scooterboys were in uniform, or at least shouting, “Police!” it would have been different, but nothing in the story indicates that.

First of all, the OP is being dishonest by applying the plural, “protesters” when in fact, it was only one protester.

Secondly, the OP failed to mention that the guy was in plainclothes, riding a scooter into a crowd, and the protesters had no way of knowing he was a cop.

Thirdly, it’s gotten all the coverage it deserves. Some dipshit cop went barreling into a crowd in plain clothes on a scooter, without identifying himself as a police officer, and got his ass kicked. That’s the way it goes.

What else is there to say?

Anyone seen my hat? OH yeah, it’s right here, covering this plate of crow.

I just didn’t see it out there. I heard it on the morning news on a local radio station, and searched for it all over the place, with no luck, watched TV, nothing even in the crawls.

I totally jumped the gun on this one. Hit a bit close to home, i suppose.

I feel like a :wally

Well, that was a rather classy admission, as far as the accusations about the media go. Kudos.

I wonder, however, whether you still believe that the actual act of beating the cop was as bad as you portrayed it in the OP? After all, as others here have pointed out, and as much of the media coverage has suggested, the cop who got beaten up went barrelling into the crowd on a scooter, and was apparently wearing nothing that would identify him as a policeman. In an atmosphere that might have been tense already, some of the protestors themselves might have perceived his actions as assault, and tried to defend themselves.

I’m not condoning the beating. I don’t think there’s any need for violence at these events, either against cops or against other civilians. But your OP made it sound like a raving mob grabbed hold of the first cop they could find just so they could beat the crap out of him. The story right now suggests that they might not even have known he was a cop, and so far there is only evidence of one man doing the beating—hardly the mob attack that you portrayed in your initial story.

Hey! Keep us gay folk out of this! We’re a peaceful people…

I dunno, that Lieutenant Dangle seems like a loose cannon, although he’s indeed peaceful compared to Garcia or Travis. :smiley:

It was covered extensively here, of course; turns out this 23-year-old has a record a mile long including sealed juvie offenses. From the video Jamal seems to have come from a distance, outside the frame, to jump this guy; he wasn’t in any danger from the scooter himself. Jury’s still out.

And let’s not forget these folks had no permit but the cops let them march anyway. However, there’s only so close you can allow random angry people near the UN these days.

Do you know if there’s any footage online? I still haven’t seen the video.