Where's the member number?

At a recent (disclaimer) unofficial gathering of Straight Dope folks, I mentioned to another one that I had been here since the ancient era when the SDMB was on AOL. He supposed I had a really low member number. He had heard that the esteemed OpalCat was number 12. I have never heard of the concept of member number. Is there such a thing? Where do I find it? I am humbly bowing and backing away, though it innerfears with mny tyypin gg.

Just hover your cursor over the “profile” button below each post. The number is at the end of the URL. Your number is 45. You can change the number to find the order of registration. There is no user 1. User 2 is Lynn Bodoni. Ed Zotti is 6, Cecil is 31.

You might also check out Member Number where this was discussed at some length, just last month…