Where's the weirdest places you've ever wanted to visit?

I’ve always had a sort of “list” of places I’d like to go, just to see, and to say that I’d been there, if I was richer than Donald Trump and didn’t have to worry about cash and such. Places like:

—The Outer Hebrides
—Papua New Guinea
—New Britian
—The Kamchatka Peninsula
—Nepal and Tibet
—The Empty Quarter
—The Prince Edward Islands (South Indian Ocean)
—Tierra del Fuego
—Tristan de Cunha, Gough, and Inacessable Islands
—Outer Mongolia
—The Sahara Desert.

As you can see, I have sort of a penchant for the remote and the desolate; but this is only to visit. I’m not necessarily saying I’d want to live in any of these places.

How about you?

One surreal Thanksgiving dinner at my parent’s house (trust me, my parents HATED my husband - these get-togethers were always, um, different) Dale announced in casual conversation the he & I would go to Perth, Australia for our 2nd honeymoon. I barely knew Perth existed; he knew a little more, yet we bluffed our way through the whole dinner by regaling one and all with our proposed itinerary in great detail.

Later we were amazed at how much we got right.

We will go to Perth in May, 2004, for our 25th anniversary.

Sue from El Paso

The Restaraunt at the End of the Universe has a reservation in my name once I win that damn $20mill lotto jackpot here in ohio.

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Silly cowgod… just invest a single penny in a savings acount now, and whenyou get there, you’ll have enough to pay for dinner, and buy a time machine w/ chaffuer to go pick you up now… in the past… damn, what did I do with that supratemporal grammar book…

Aw, never mind.


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Easter Island. Extremely remote, and those eerie statues . . .
– Sylence

And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

Most of them are the sites of major battles. I’m not a warmonger, but much of history has been written with the point of a gun or bayonet.
Sarajevo–the flashpoint of the Great War.

Hastings–one of the turning points in history.

Volgograd/Kursk/Moscow/St Petersburg–where the Germans were pounding on the gates.

Istanbul–one of the great historical cities.

Stebark, Poland–The Battle of Tannenberg ultimately force the Russians to withdraw from the Great War, and hastened the fall of the Empire.

All of Israel, especially the Golan–from whose craggy peaks you can view Syria/Lebanon/Jordan, all of whom would like to push the Jews into the Mediterranean.

Olduvai–where it all began.

And, the most difficult place of all, where I’ll probably never be able to go:

The top of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge–anyone good friends with some SF city officials???

Niue Island (between Tonga and the Cook Is.)


Abergavenny, Wales

I’ve got a lot of more reasonable places that I’d want to visit more, but you asked for the weird ones…

This Is My 300 Post!!!Yay! I HAD to post it here especially with this comment: The weirdest place I’ve ever wanted to visit?..Satan’s ass!! :smiley:

The poster beneath me is really smart!

Pickman, maybe we can travel together to Tristan da Cunha. Ever since I’ve heard about this place, I’ve had a hankering to visit.
Other than that, I’d really like to go to Siberia.Winter or summer, doesn’t matter. I’ve got the gear for it either way.

[list][li]Antarctica: I once applied for a job in Antarctica (3 month stint). If I liked it, I could’ve gone back for subsequent 6-month stints, one per year. But, I didn’t get the nod, so I’m stuck on NA.[/li]
[li]Chatham Islands, New Zealand: They’ll be the first to “experience” the new millenium. Actually, at any time, they’re the first to experience it. The main islands of NZ are in the time zone 12 hours ahead of Greenwich. But the Chathams are in a time zone +12:45 from Greenwich.[/li]
Also, Mt Hakepa (231) metres on Pitt Island will be the first inhabited place on Earth to see the Millennium.

Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan.

I have no idea what if anything is there. It it just looks intriguing on maps.

I have a thing for derelict buildings and other places that haven’t seen people in quite some time. Chernobyl, as long as I had a good stopwatch.

It’s a long way to heaven, but only three short steps to hell.

Bantmof, not much there besides trees and a plywood factory, and you have to go down a lot of very bad road

Keith from Saskatchewan

This space for rent.

Hmm. I wonder if an amphibious aircraft might not be the way to go? I’d be one hell of a drive for me in any case.

I did see a picture once taken up there. It looked pretty scenic.

peas on earth

J String says:

Ooops, I almost missed this. If you haven’t found this already, J., have a look here:


And here: http://www.orchy.com/underworld/

And here for the abandoned missile silo tour: http://www.xvt.com/users/kevink/silo/

There are a few dozens of other similar pages you can find from those.

peas on earth

any graveyard. I love reading tombstones.

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things.” --Edgar Degas

Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Boston. And that I got to go made my week. Apart from that, either Barrow, Alaska or anywhere in Antarctica would do it for me. I like the cold.


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I’ve found myself wondering what Satan’s bedroom looks like…Is he messy or a neat freak? Does he have posters of Black Sabbath on his walls? An upside down crucifix?