Which Airline offering lowest Europe tickets?

i’ve checked with Cheaptickets.com … and if I do 2-stops, rt airfare w/o tax is around $950… anyone know of cheaper tickets, where to get em?

You’ll need to be more specific about your requirements. Where will you be departing from?

I see specails for LA to London or NY to London a lot in the travel sections of news papers.

Depends when you need to leave. If you can wait until October or November, fares really start coming down. For example, a non-stop on Air India to London from O’Hare leaving Friday November 11 and returning Tuesday, November 22 is $300 + $210 taxes/fees = $510.

There is no single airline that offers the cheapest tickets to Europe. Pricing depends on where you are departing from (Charleston, WV, will always be more expensive than New York), where you are going (London-Heathrow will almost always be cheaper than Bonn, Germany [especially since there’s no airport there]), what time of the year you are going (August most expensive, winter the least), what days you are travelling (mid-week usually cheaper than Friday departures), booking two weeks ahead helps, and there are about a million other variables.

Go to ALL the travel websites, look at your local paper’s travel section, and then you’ll find the cheapest ticket.

right, everyone! hard to respond w/o more details, and after myown research, I now realize date, day of the wk, which month (peak or non peak season) are factors in price. Btw, i’d depart out of Dallas, mid Sept for 2wk holiday in Italy.

I got a good suggestion from a fellow frequent traveller about Ryanair.com … apparently if you fly into London–and don’t mind the stop–and then fly from there to Roma, you can get a ticket for under $200 U.S., apparently tickets tend to be cheaper into London, than directly to Italy, so i’ll start that research tonight!

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There’s the layover and the fact that Ryan Air will fly you from Strandsted to Ciampino. Getting from Heathrow/Gatwick to the other side of London is a 2 hours minimum.

I’m getting $860 from Yahoo’s Farechase – that’s also the price from Northwest Airlines.


Don’t forget tax. It’s 952.74 with airport taxes.

A non-stop through Alitalia is just under $950.

I got a flight from Toronto to Amsterdam this week for $649 Canadian on airtransat. If you can get a cheap ticket to London (and I could not) ryanair and easyjet are excellent options, which also fly to far more European cities than the standard bigger airlines from NAmerica.

If you book two seperate airlines to get to your destination at a cheaper rate, you will have to either do carry on luggage or pick up and recheck your luggage with your new carrier.

This means if it isn’t a scheduled connection There is no agreement between whatever the long haul carrier is and the hopper flight your luggage is not going anywhere in your connection city.

Also, you will want to allow yourself loads of extra time for the connection. Internationally, I would say at the minimum of 4 hours. Six hours would probably be what I would do. Always leave some wiggle room.

Also, for whatever reason, if your 1st flight to your connection city is delayed, there is no obligation from your 2nd flight carrier to help you out or put you on another flight later on. You will probably be penalized cashola. Same thing for the return info. If you hopper is late and you miss the over the water carrier, you could be screwed until the next afternoon - space available - to get a flight out and your hotel and expenses are your own. Not to mention the everloving fees for changing your itinerary.

Actually, there is. it’s even an international airport, and the Pope just landed there last Thursday.

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I’ll be damned. I’ve visited Bonn twice for business now, and each time I had to take the train from Frankfurt. “Oh, you CAN’T fly into BONN! Hahaha!” they said. :mad:

Well, you probably can’t get a flight to Bonn from New York, DC, or any other major city in the U.S. Also, considering that the train ride is only an hour and fifteen minutes with the high speed ICE train, and there’s a train every half hour, it is probably faster to take the train.

Nowadays Köln-Bonn is used mostly for flights to Berlin (for all the politicians that still have offices in the current AND former capital), flights to Spain, Mallorca, Turkey, the Canary islands, etc. for all the vacationers, and commuter flights to other European metropolises.

I’d suggest checking SideStep, which searchs most of the major airlines for the best deals, and will email you with good offers. For instance, just a couple weeks ago SideStep sent me an email with the following flights, all through United Airlines (each one-way):

Boston - Shanghai $420
Chicago - Hong Kong $491
Chicago - Nagoya $399
Chicago - Osaka $338
Los Angeles - Sydney $459
Los Angeles - Tokyo $319
New York City - Bangkok $534
New York City - Singapore $559
Portland, OR - Tokyo $319
San Francisco - Beijing $375
San Francisco - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam $415
San Francisco - Taipei $359