Which bands do you know every song by?

Which of your favorite bands can you identify every song in their catalog, just by hearing a snippet of it or seeing the title? (Up to a certain extent, at least, if they have jillions of albums…say 90% or so.) I’ll start:

AC/DC (up to the 90’s)
Black Sabbath (except a few Tony Martin ones)
Dream Theater
ELP (incl. Powell)
Genesis (up until Phil Collins left)
Iron Maiden, except “Fear of the Dark” and the Blaze era. Which is below 90%, but I don’t count those as part of their catalogue anyway – it’s like another band stole their name for a few years. :slight_smile:
Led Zeppelin
Metallica (until they sold out, sued everyone in sight, and sucked)
The Police
Rush (90’s stuff is a bit patchy)
Styx (up to “Kilroy”)
Van Halen

My own new EBM (that means Electronic Body Music - think industrial without the guitars ya philistines) outfit.

Muggins get to bve the vocalist, and lyricist, so I know 'em all. :smiley:

Is that considered cheating?

My list is pretty short (although in reality it may be longer than I’d think). I’d say:

Led Zeppelin
Nine Inch Nails

And, I’d have to agree with your “Metallica (until they sold out, sued everyone in sight, and sucked)”

There are more, I’m sure, but I’m trying not to count bands who only have or had something like 3 albums or fewer. . .

Beastie Boys
Ben Folds Five

No Doubt
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Weird Al Yankovic

Does Jimmy Buffett count?

Led Zeppelin
Kid Rock
Black Sabbath
The Who
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
Van Halen

There’s more, but I want to stop – starting to feel old.

The Jesus Lizard
Babe the Blue Ox
Afghan Whigs
Tom Waits
The Black Heart Procession
Three Mile Pilot
The Roots
Burning Airlines
Modest Mouse
PJ Harvey

The Pogues
The Pixies
Aimee Mann
I’m about 50/50 with Pink Floyd
Iron Maiden, up through Fear of the Dark (remenents of a musically misspent youth)

That’s about it.

Not quite everything, but damn close…

Garth Brooks (First 5 discs)
Vince Gill (even the MCA days)
Barry Manilow (Forget it after 2am Paradise cafe)
Niel Diamond (nothing much after ‘Heartlight’)
Fleetwood Mac/ and Stevie Nicks (Some pre-Stevie mac I’ve not heard)
Pink Floyd
Frank Zappa

Cowboy Mouth
Mary Prankster
Emmey Swimming

I bet you all thought I was gonna say Styx, didn’t ya?

Aerosmith (up until about Get A Grip)
Led Zeppelin (a little shaky on ITtOD and Presence)
Pink Floyd
Nerf Herder
Green Day
Blink 182 (not the newest album)
Boston (not the newest album)
Bloodhound Gang
Presidents of the United States of America
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Soundgarden (~90%)
The Who
Bulletboys(stop laughing)

Cowboy Junkies and Freakwater.

Oh lord, my age is showing. I haven’t even HEARD of some of these bands you guys are talking about.

Me, it’s just the Beatles. Always and forever.

Jeez, I don’t think there are any. That’s kind of depressing. Serious lack of knowledge compared to y’all. Maybe Op Ivy, but they only put out one album. Albeit a long one.

Crowded House and the Beatles.

And most of Split Enz




It was a lot more in high school but I’ve diversified my portfolio a lot more since then and it’s rare to find a new band/artist that you just HAVE to hear everything by these days.

I feel your pain, man.

DeadOman : Guns and Roses were on my unpublished list. They rock!
Funny sidebar: my husband is a firefighter for the city of Dallas, and we attended a boxing match between Dallas police officers and firefighters last year. The event was called…
Guns and Hoses. :smiley:

Smashing Pumpkins

Well I dont know every song, there’s a few hundred. I know of and have heard every song though, which is a feat in and of itself.

Depeche Mode
Nine Inch Nails
Anything Box