What bands/artists do you own every album by?

Just a fun little survey I thought of today. There are more than a few bands of which I can say I own every album they have out, and i’m wondering how my collection stacks up to some other people out there.

I’ll put forward the following stipulations;

  1. “Every album” shall be defined as “Every officially-released studio album featuring original material”. Compilations, bootlegs, and albums released without the artist’s consent need not count, but feel free to mention if you have a lot of those as well. Live albums don’t count unless they featured new material (e.g. Running on Empty or Rust Never Sleeps) or are otherwise considered a seminal part of the artist’s catalogue (e.g. Frampton Comes Alive! or Live at Budokan).

  2. The artist must have released at least three albums that meet the above criteria. No fair listing one-album wonders like the Sex Pistols, Blind Faith, or Jeff Buckley.

  3. Hi, Opal!

  4. If the band went through multiple lineups or several vastly different “eras” in its history and you only own all the albums from one era, you can still count it but you have to mention that you’re doing so.

So to kick things off, here’s my list;

Black Sabbath (except the non-Ozzy/Dio albums)
Blue Öyster Cult
Counting Crows
The Doors (except for the two albums released after Jim Morrison’s death)
The Killers
Led Zeppelin
Meat Loaf (But only the albums with music written by Jim Steinman)
Taylor Swift
The Sword
Pete Townshend
The White Stripes
The Who

Who else out there wants to list theirs?

Ookla the Mok. (A filk group.)

Electric Light Orchestra.
The Beatles.
Every album with at least two of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (but no solos)

Pink Floyd (including almost all of their non-album released songs as well)
The Promise Ring (including all their EPs)
Panic[!] at the Disco
Coheed and Cambria (plus almost all their graphic novels)
My Chemical Romance (unfortunately. Their first album sucked hard, but the bonus sampler EP was pretty good)
Park (Obscure emo band and like MCR their first couple albums weren’t that great.)
The Odds
Sisters of Mercy

I’m a completist, so my answer is : all of them. You have to take into account that I own over 3000 LPs, 1000 CDs and used to work at a record store.

Joni Mitchell
Leonard Cohen
The Incredible String Band
Patty Griffin
Nick Drake
Livingston Taylor
Steeleye Span
Phil Ochs
James McMurtry

Several years ago there was an article in a magazine called roughly “Elvis Costello’s top 500 albums of all time”. I was slightly taken aback because I didn’t even own 500 albums, let alone have 500 that would be worthy of being considered one of the best.

Fast forwarding to today, I probably do own around 500 since my shuffler says it has 262 albums and I have some on cassette and CD that I haven’t ripped yet. But if I had to make a list of Ludovic’s Top Albums of All Time, I’d still only include 300-some of them at the most.

Bob Dylan
Tom Waits
Keb Mo
A few local groups nobody would recognize, like Jimmy Adler, The Pawnbrokers, etc.

Even this one? :slight_smile:

A lot:

Alice In Chains
…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
Beastie Boys
Black Flag
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Concrete Blonde
Cypress Hill
Damnation AD
Danny Gatton
David Bowie
De La Soul
Del the Funky Homosapien
Earth Crisis
Everything But the Girl
Faith No More
Great Guitars
The Greenhornes
Guns N’ Roses
Hall & Oates
Hot Hot Heat
Infectious Grooves
Iron Maiden
Jack Johnson
James Brown
The Jayhawks
Jeru the Damaja
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Judas Priest
Keb’ Mo’
Lonnie Johnson
Magic Sam
Marty Friedman
Matthew Sweet
Mr. Bungle
Neko Case
Pete Yorn
The Pharcyde
Pink Floyd
The Pixies
Public Enemy
Rage Against the Machine
The Ramones
Richard Cheese
Rilo Kiley
Roomful of Blues
The Roots
Sam Cooke
Smashing Pumpkins
The Smiths
Sonic Youth
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Soul Position
Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Stooges
The Strokes
Sue Foley
Suicidal Tendencies
Talking Heads
Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers
Tom Petty/& the Heartbreakers
Van Morrison
The Velvet Underground
WC Clark
Watsonville Patio
Willie Nelson
Wu-Tang Clan
Zero 7
ZZ Top

YES! Way better than This one (IMHO):smiley:


Worryingly, I’m pretty sure I don’t even own all of the releases of at least two bands that I was in.

Frank Zappa, except a couple of the latest ones. But a damn good run!

The Police
The Smiths
Level 42

(Some of these bands have a compilation/repackage discography larger than their studio releases. For them, I might own one or two for the bonus track or remix, but generally I have all the studio releases and the requisite canonical greatest hits disc.)

This is also during the days of CDs/LPs. I have all of the New Order and Joy Division discography in digital format, but didn’t have them on cassette, CD, or LP.

As much as I love music, I don’t think there is a single band from whom I have all the albums. Actually, now that I think about it, I believe I have all of Sleater-Kinney’s work. (At least, I think I have the first album somewhere–that’s the only one I’m unsure of.) Smashing Pumpkins would be the next closest, but I stopped with Machina. Even my Wire collection has a couple holes in it (Manscape, The First Letter.)

Kate Bush, with an ownership percentage far above 100% is you count releases from different countries (all four covers of The Kick Inside), releases on different formats (including the insanely rare 8-track of The Kick Inside), album releases that were canceled (the EMI-Harvest release of Lionheart) and even an album or two that have never been released.

Todd Rundgren, but nowhere near as completely. I know Todd fans who have all his production work, which is a pretty substantial pile of records.

Those are the only two who I am sure I have everything by. I have nearly complete collections of a large number of other artists, but have fallen out of buying compulsively. The disappearance of record stores is a huge factor. Buying something on iTunes just doesn’t feel like it counts, not like buying a CD or LP at Tower Records did.

Alan Parsons Project
Cruciform Injection
Assemblage 23

That’s about it. I usually kind of pick and choose among albums, even among my favorite bands.

EDIT: Actually I don’t own everything by Rush, come to think of it. I’m missing some of the live albums.

I admittedly have rather boring, mainstream (maybe even “immature”) taste in music, with only a few exceptions. But I don’t apologize for it. I see music as entertainment, and I enjoy having something in the background while I’m at work, cleaning the house, or cooking. If I want deep thoughts I read a book. :slight_smile:

Michael Buble - Okay okay, he’s no Sinatra, but who is?

The Beatles - I got a good deal on the box set, but haven’t listened to it all yet.

The Monkees - I grew up in the 80s and became a big fan during their MTV comeback, so part of my interest in them is childhood nostalgia.

Emma Wallace - She’s not very well-known, but I actually first heard about her through a recommendation on Amazon. She describes herself as “modern ragtime.” It definitely has a quirky, old-fashioned pop sound. Good stuff.

Ace of Base - I’m counting the original line-up only. I haven’t heard the album with the two new girls on it.

The Puppini Sisters - They are a current group that sings in a 40s close-harmony style like the Andrews Sisters. They do covers of 40s stuff, modern covers done in 40s style, and some original songs.

Stone Temple Pilots
Alice in Chains
Within Temptation