Whose music do you have the most of?

And yes, I know sentences aren’t supposed to end in prepositions.

I have
216 Beatles tracks
182 Rolling Stones
175 Dave Brubeck Quartet
113 Steely Dan
108 Patsy Cline

It would be complicated to count up all the tracks, because some of them I have only on compact disks, some of them only as computer files, and some in both places. I’m pretty sure that if I did tally up everything, I have more tracks by Indigo Girls than any other artist.

And it’s fine for you to start a sentence with a conjunction or end it with a preposition if you want to. (But please try to spell whose right).


Zappa for me too. I have everything he did–getting close to 100 albums now–almost all of it in multiple formats and multiple editions, and including many, many collectibles and oddities. The artist who has the most different albums in my collection is undoubtedly Zappa’s neighbor in the Z section, John Zorn. I don’t have everything he’s released, but I have a hell of a lot of it, and he is insanely prolific.

Pink Floyd. I have all of the official albums except More, Ummagumma, and A Delicate Sound of Thunder (which I do own on VHS). It used to be the Beatles who I had everything of except the Anthology, but I got rid of their early albums except for Please, Please Me because I never listened to them.

… you have more stuff by Patsy Cline than I have music in total.

My answer is jointly Mozart, Beethoven, John Williams. I have two of each by those guys.

I have over 800 Springsteen bootlegs, in addition to all the officially released tracks. No idea how many tracks in total, but it must be over twenty thousand.

Most officially released stuff would probably be either Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash. I have more albums by Cash, but there’s more compilations there, so probably more duplicated tracks.

  1. Brubeck
  2. Shearing
  3. Mancini
  4. Miles



Another for Zappa.

Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath

385 Billie Holiday (a few are dupes)
120 Chet Baker
98 Elis Regina

Dylan. > 1100 tracks

Runner up: Neil Young with ca. 800 tracks.

The Beatles - 467 tracks
Bob Dylan - 400
Elvis Costello - 364
Rolling Stones - 231
Neil Young - 252

Beatles. It’s hard to even quantify how much I have, when you get to stuff like the “Ultimate Experience” MP3 collection.

No, that’s incorrect. Guess again.

Counting CD’s, not tracks:

Johnny Cash
Dwight Yoakam
Robert Cray
Rodney Crowell
Hank Williams Sr.
Patsy Cline

G. Love
Mike Doughty, with Soul Coughing and solo

Alan Parsons (including with and without the Project, and tangential artists like Eric Woolfson’s stage musicals)
Assemblage 23
Weird Al