Which Billy Joel single and album are your favorites?

I love Billy Joel. Especially his homage album to the late 50’s An Innocent Man. That album had great songs like Uptown Girl, Tell Her About It, and the doo wop song This Night.

My favorite Billy Joel song? depends on the hour and day. :wink: Honestyis one I always looks forward to hearing and love.

What’s your favorite Billy Joel Album? (Poll coming)? For a guy with such a long career it’s surprising that he’s only released 13 albums.

BJ song?

btw Honesty is from the 52nd Street Album. Written by Billy Joel and produced by Phil Ramone.

young people probably associate the song with Beyoncé

The Stranger.

Either Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song) or Just The Way You Are.

I prefer Piano Man as an album.

Hard to pick a song, but I was always taken by “Everybody Loves You Now.”

Hate to be the wet blanket, but there are exactly three Billy Joel songs that I like:

She’s Got a Way
You May Be Right
Uptown Girl

…and the last one I like because it’s such a faithful Four Seasons cop.

All others I’ve heard (and admittedly, I don’t really know any deep cuts) I either actively dislike or am at best indifferent to.

I’ll say no more.

Favorite song is “You May Be Right”.

I would agree with The Stranger but I would pick the title track, “Vienna”, and “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant” rather than the pop list songs. A close runner up was Storm Front, save that stupid “We Didn’t Start The Fire” song.


I adore “Vienna”, but I also have a soft spot in my heart for “Summer, Highland Falls”.

a Long Island girl

Both of my choices have strong sentimental meaning to me.

My favorite Billy Joel song is “And So It Goes.”

My favourite song right now would have to be “Roberta” (off Streetlife Serenade) After “The Downeaster Alexa.”

I like The Stranger a lot, but I think my favorite song is from An Innocent Man–“The Longest Time.” The sentiment, the background stuff, oooh.

But I also like “Root Beer Rag” and I can play it (not fast though).

I have two memories:
I first saw MTV when I was six, and saw a video of some court members on a jury dancing to Billy Joel’s single. There was a pretty blonde in it too (Christie) I just loved that single, but not sure how big it was back then.

Last year, I was flipping thru VH1 classics and saw a live video performance of “Leave a Tender Moment Alone” and thought wth I’ve never heard of this song amongst all the singles over the years, it became my favorite song and stuck on my ipod and mix CD in my car since then.

I like almost every Billy song, so I’m just going to mention one that I like that those that haven’t bought the albums probably don’t know.

No Man’s Land

“There ain’t much work out here in our consumer power base,
No major industry, just miles and miles of parking space.”

It was true when it was released, but it’s even more relevant in today’s unbalanced economy.

I’m pretty sure that was “Keeping the Faith.” Both the songs you mention are among the lesser-known tracks from An Innocent Man.

Uptown Girl Video with Christie Brinkley

I recall watching this music video constantly when it came out. It was one of my favorites from that era.

The Stranger, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant.

There are a lot of artists who wish they had a greatest hits album as good as The Stranger.

New York State of Mind
Goodnight Saigon

“The River of Dreams” for my fave song.

And I used to hate the essobee (very long story, involves him being the fave musician of an old girlfriend), but after hearing some stuff of his in public places over the last two years, I’ve DLed a few things. But you could hold a nuclear device next to my head and I still would refuse to listen to a single thing off of Glass Houses; some things don’t change.

The Stanger, and “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.” I’m not the biggest fan of his music, but what he does he does well.