Best Billy Joel Song - Nominations

I’d like to do a poll, eventually, but don’t want to list every single Billy Joel song.

So this thread is for nominations!

You may nominate 1 song yourself, and you may also second a song someone else has already listed.

Please don’t just list off a bunch of songs. Pick one you think is his best, and then if you feel you must or you want to, second someone else’s choice!

Sometime in the next week or so, after the nominations have come in, I’ll make a poll with the top 10 nominated songs, and ask people to choose just one from that list.

Try to pick what you feel is the best Billy Joel song, and not necessarily just your personal favorite. If to you there is no difference between best/favorite, that’s fine, but try your absolute best to be objective. Obviously at the end of the day these are subjective opinions on what constitutes best, but, whatever. Have fun :slight_smile:

I’ll start us off! I’m the OP so I get to do that :slight_smile:

Nomination: **Scenes From An Italian Restaurant **

Vienna”, of course.

Hmmm. He’s got a lot of great songs but the one’s I enjoy vary over time.

Nomination: New York State of Mind



I second that

Downeaster Alexa.


I’m going with For The Longest Time. Like everyone else I’d heard it a thousand times and then all of a sudden, about two years ago I noticed it was (almost) a capella and I had a new found appreciation for it. If you never noticed it, click the link and turn it up.

“It’s My Life”


Joey P–have you ever heard the demo version of “The Longest Time”? It’s called “Prime of Your Life.” It has completely different (incomplete) lyrics and has instruments!

“And So It Goes”

I came in specifically to say “Vienna,” which I really didn’t think anybody else would pick. So that’s my actual vote, but I’ll also nominate “The Entertainer.”


My nomination: Allentown

Another vote for Scenes from an Italian Restaurant and Vienna.

Also, Don’t Ask Me Why and My Life.

Just the Way You Are

Goodnight, Saigon is my nomination, and I will pre-second Piano Man when it gets nominated.

It’s a tough choice but I’ll go with Miami 2017.


I also vote for this - it’s his best, IMO.

My personal favorite is, “The Stranger”, probably because it doesn’t get played as much as other popular favorites.

“River of Dreams.”

To think: a year ago I would not have come within a 1,000 miles of this thread. But a lot has happened to me in that year…