Which Candidates Do You Support

In order:
Jon Huntsman
Mitt Romney
Newt Gingrich
Buddy Roemer
Rick Perry
Everybody Else

Where’s Santorum?!

I’d write-in somebody else (Huckabee or Rubio or Daniels) rather than vote for him/. Not that it’d matter anyways, Obama would win in a landslide.

Why is Buddy Roemer even on the list?

:confused: Because I agree with him, why else?

Romney is the only one in the group that acts like a sane adult most of the time. I think he’s pandering to the right wing, but I think he’ll be more moderate if he wins (and the right wing thinks that too most likely, which is partly why they don’t like him). I prefer my Republicans on the moderate side and not wackadoodles.

What, no poll?

I’ll go with “Everybody Else” as I think the first 5 guys are knuckleheads.

This thread is not just listing your primary choice but all current candidates who are running you’d be willing to vote for in order of prefernce.

None of them. On my limited disability I can barely support myself, why would I even think about supporting these noddle heads?

Romney. And, no one else. Now, let me explain…

I’m a liberal. I’m not thrilled with Obama, but I’d prefer him over any of the Republican candidates.

That said, of all the GOP dwarves, I find Romney the least objectionable. Let me rephrase that: Romney is the only one (with the possible exception of Hunstman) whom I don’t find completely objectionable. If the nomination is still in doubt by the time of the Illinois primary, I’m going to declare Republican at my polling place, and vote for Romney, just to do my part to keep the nomination from falling to someone like Santorum, Paul, or Gingrich.

Why not Zoidberg?

Where’s Obama?

I would support Obama and Huntsman from what I know of them (caveats follow). I would cringe, but accept, Romney ( He might even be OK if Democratic control of the senate was guarenteed). The others would make me cry, nay, sob like a small child. The thought of total Republican control (or total Democratic control for that matter) of the legislative and executive branches is terrifying to me.

Mild aside, what do you think about the current political situation in Washington these days?

1 Ron Paul
2 Gary Johnson
3 Jon Huntsman
4 Barack Obama

3 and 4 I’d have to be convinced anyone else would be horrible.

Barack Obama.

The rotted corpse of binLaden would be preferable to the clowns running for the GOP.

Why vote for the only one with a tiiiiiiiiiiiiny chance of beating Barack Obama?

I certainly wouldn’t support any of the Republican candidates, but I at least don’t fear Romney. Being from Massachusetts I’m familiar with his profound lack of interest in actually governing. I don’t see any particular agenda being advanced under his Presidency other than a push for more and better photo-opps.

It’s a nightmare. Overly partisan with complete gridlock. This is on both sides of the aisle, but especially bad with the Republicans due to the freshman tea partiers being total ideologues and the old guard Republicans wanting to screw Obama at every turn, even at the expense of the country.

I have to say it’s a little baffling as to why the party that has publicly declared in so many words that their primary objective is making Obama a one-term president has given us these guys as alternatives.

I think some of the better Republican candidates out there didn’t feel there was a good chance of unseating Obama back when the campaign season started.

If I had to rank the candidates by preference at this stage it’d be Huntsman > Romney > Gingrich.

I wouldn’t vote for Santorum, Rick Perry or Ron Paul (nor would I vote for Obama in such a scenario, I’d just write something in.) Santorum is too fundamentalist, Rick Perry has all that plus he seems grossly stupid and incompetent, and Ron Paul is funny as an idea but would be an abortion of a President.

Really? What do you have against Santorum. He seems like your kind of guy. If any of these Republican are elected you’re going to get about the same results on the social conservative issues.

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