Which deadly sin is most likely to imperil your immortal soul?

Yeah, everyone indulges in some of each, but which of the seven deadly sins do you find the most tempting? Which one is the most likely to push the down button on your soul’s express elevator to hell? When Se7en’s John Doe adds you to an elaborate deathtrap, which one will inspire the direction of his tableau?

For purposes of this discussion, let’s go with the seven outlined in Wikipedia, and not, say, the seven enemies of man outlined in Captain Marvel comics:

[li]Lust: sexual desire[/li][li]Gluttony: overindulgence to the point of waste[/li][li]Greed: excessive acquisition of wealth[/li][li]Sloth: “failure to utilize one’s talents and gifts”[/li][li]Wrath: hatred and anger (classic dark side of the Force)[/li][li]Envy: wanting what someone else has, and wanting them not to have it[/li][li]Pride: excessive love of self and a desire for importance[/li][/ol]

My answer? Lust, more than likely. I’m married and faithful, but a sexy woman will still catch my eye. (Happily, my wife doesn’t mind. And happily, she’s one of them.) I can turn down dessert, I can get my ass in gear to utilize my talents, but I’m still disproportionally flattered when an attractive woman is giving me her attention. If I’m going to fall, it’s going to be through an hourglass.


Lust, no question abou tit.


It’s easier to say which one won’t send me to Perdition: I’m not greedy.

Sloth and Lust, but really any of the 7 could do me in.

Most definitely sloth. I’m pretty friggin smart when I decide to devote my energy into something. I just don’t do that. I’m about as lazy as you can get.

Catholically speaking, the worst of the bunch and the root of all sin is Pride. With that said, personally lust and sloth are my biggies.


Lust is more than just sexual desire. The root of each of the sins is something that is actually very healthy: sexual desire; eating; success; relaxation; anger; desire; and pride (as opposed to hubris). It’s taking these healthy activities to an extreme that makes them unhealthy. So in the case of lust, just noticing a very attractive person is not a problem - however if you spent every weekend at strip clubs instead of with your wife then you are in range of what the seven deadly sins would consider problematic.
With that said, the most difficult one for me is sloth. It’s far too easy for me to get into a habit of doing nothing.

Definately Lust, followed by Sloth.

We are a bunch of lazy, horny bastards, aren’t we?

Sloth and gluttony here. I suppose logically speaking, gluttony has a slight edge, because I will expend the energy to create and consume food that isn’t good for me.

I’m going to have to vote for gluttony, with sloth coming in a very very close second.

The only reason gluttony wins is because I can be motivated out of a slothful slouch with the promise of tasty foodstuffs, but cannot be motivated out of a good meal if offered to laze around instead. :slight_smile:

I’d say lust, but I’m too slothful to do much about it.

Gluttony, no question. I could probably be persuaded to do almost anything for a bacon chili cheeseburger and a piece of double chocolate cake.

Lust and Sloth. Sounds like a fine clothier, doesn’t it?

Lust and pride.

Um, where is the I really like Marijuana sin?

That one varies. If you’re the type who gets the munchies, then it would fall under Gluttony. On the other hand, if you’re the type who blisses out and stares at a wall for an hour, file with Sloth. If you feel the need to spout deep philosophical nonsense, it’s probably Pride… while coveting your neighbours stash places you firmly under Envy.

YMMV. :slight_smile:


The good thing about sloth is that it keeps my lust at bay. Whenever I think about going out and banging some random floozy, I decide that it’s too late and that I’ll think about doing it tomorrow instead.


Good analysis.

I guess this makes me a big sinner!