Which do you eat first: the burger or the fries?

Hamburger: Our Classic Burger | McDonald's.
Then, the McDonald’s burger is topped with a tangy pickle, chopped onions, ketchup and mustard.

Sure, the Big Mac, etc have 1000 island dressing instead, but most of the burgers have mustard.

I can go with those ratings. :man_cook:

But I always open it up, because I always peel off the pickles and rearrange the onions, and there’s never been mustard on it unless I’m out of town. Strange.

It’s almost 100% the case that I’ll eat the entire burger first before touching a single fry. Doesn’t really matter the circumstances.

This behavior was first called to my attention all the way back in high school, when the cafeteria was serving burgers and fries. My friends noted that I ate the whole burger before moving onto my fries and proceeded to give me a hard time about it until we all graduated. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed how another person eats so the fact that this idiosyncratic behavior of mine was noticed surprised me.

As has already been stated, not in New York where I live. The menu here does not list mustard as an ingredient.

I usually have the McSchnitzel. It’s pretty decent - after all, it’s hard to screw up fried chicken.

Burger. I actually don’t like fries. If at all possible, I will substitute onion rings and don’t mind paying extra.

This confirms what I remember: their basic hamburger—what you get if you order a “hamburger”—has mustard, ketchup, pickle, and chopped onion. Their cheeseburger has all of the above plus cheese. But their other burgers may have different default toppings—can anyone who watched commercials in the 70s forget that a Big Mac is “two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun”?


I just checked the McDonald’s website. Mustard is a standard ingredient on the quarter pounder with cheese.

Definitely fries first, because they deteriorate quicker. All of them. Then all the burger.
I eat all my meals like this. I like the idea of the coroner at my autopsy saying my last meal was “fries, then a cheeseburger, then the apple pie. Guys stomach was like a goddamn parfait”

Their current quarter pounder actually tastes like a “real” burger, which is why I don’t like it as much as the old patties. When I want McDonald’s, I want the McDonald’s taste that nobody else has, not something that tastes like any other hamburger. Their fish sandwich is awful and expensive for what it is. I think we paid like five bucks almost during Lent when my wife last had it. Culver’s around here has a decent fish sandwich, and Popeye’s new offering ain’t bad, either. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be talking because I acutally like McD’s regular burger when I’m in the mood for it.

At such burger places where the fries are worth bothering with, I eat the fries along with the burger.

At Burger King, I order the onion rings, and eat the rings along with the burger. At most other fast-food burger chains, the burger must suffice without accompaniment.

Really? That’s strange; they don’t come with mustard around here (Wyoming). Beef, cheese, pickle, ketchup, onions (but no onions for me).

Do people actually order burgers at the Hat? I can’t fathom ordering anything but the Pastrami dip.

Actually, I rarely order the pastrami. Usually either a burger or the roast beef dip. The pastrami goes on the chili cheese fries, extra pickles and tomatoes.

When I worked in the San Gabriel Valley, we went to The Hat for pastrami. We went to Jim’s for the burgers. A real grease pit!

Jim’s Burgers on Garvey.

@carrps: I spent a bunch of my college era in the San Gabriel valley and would like to make a nostalgia tour soon. So info on funky diners and burger joints is real interesting.

Here’s the address for those interested: 7561 Garvey Ave #2911, Rosemead, CA 91770

Apparently Jim’s was once a chain that disintegrated, leaving a bunch of independent restuarants by that name. Most of which are too small to bother having a dedicated website. So not readily Googleable.

I did find this site about the history of the chain and some awesome 1960s-70s LA signage.

And also this site for the very first Jim’s in greater LA (in Bell specifically).

There was a Jim’s in North Long Beach that was burned down during the 1992 riots. We were all at work (a CATV company) watching the news until it was decided if it was safe to make service calls. When the destruction of Jim’s was reported, you could hear a collective “Noooooo!” ripple through the building

Thanks for this history! There were so many places I remember fondly. Did you go to T&J’s? I really missed them when they converted to all Chinese, not because it was Chinese, but because it was one of the few places that made a Monte Cristo. Also, their Greek salad was awesome.

I think The Brite Spot (coffee shop) is gone. And there was a coffee shop on Garvey (?) that had the best peanut butter pie. Can’t remember the name. I bet it’s gone, too. Pie N’ Burger is in Pasadena, but it has that old time feel. I wonder if Burger Continental is still there…

Miki-Chan’s in Montebello for Hawaiian! Tokyo Lobby for Japanese.

Bavarian Inn (as we called it Barbarian Inn) for German. There was a sandwich place on Las Tunas (?) that had a giant hamburger painted on the front – good deli sandwiches. ETA: The Stuffed Sandwich, and it is on Las Tunas.