Which do you eat first: the burger or the fries?

You have your favorite burger and fries in front of you, fresh and hot, made just like you like 'em.

Which do you eat first?

  • (mostly) Burger
  • (mostly) Fries
  • I alternate about equally
  • I combine the two items into one
  • Depends on…
  • Something completely else

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I tend to eat mostly fries first, since they will deteriorate faster and farther.

If there’s lettuce on the burger I’ll take the top off with it and put it aside so it doesn’t steam in the meantime. Soggy lettuce is the worst!

Any meal consisting of multiple items all served together, I eat a bit of each thing, alternating until I make all gone. :wink:

Curiously, I never really noticed myself doing this until my daughter’s fiance pointed out, “so that’s where she gets it!”

Something completely else. I’ll eat two or three fries, then usually at least half or even all of my burger before I eat any more fries. I won’t eat many fries at all until I finish the burger and decide how many of them I want to eat myself and how many of them the dogs get to eat

Usually a portion of the fries first, because they are still hot from the fryer and at their best.

I voted “depends on…”

Am I picking up an order of burgers and fries for the family and driving it home? Then I will eat a few fries on the way home, taking a couple fries out of each bag-- that’s the “fry tax” my family pays for me picking up.

Am I getting served a burger and fries in a restaurant? Then I’ll probably take a bite of the burger first, then alternate between bites of burger and fries.

Exactly this.

A good burger that has sat for a while and cooled off a bit is still a good burger, but good fries that have sat for a while and cooled off a bit have lost a significant portion of their appeal.

If I have a good burger and fries in front of me, nothing is going to be “sitting for a while” before they are all gone.

Sometimes I put the fries on top of the Burger. A thing I picked in Pittsburgh at Primanti Brothers.

I don’t care for burgerfries at all, with rare exceptions. But if I do happen to come across a good burger, I will eat that first and just nibble at the fries. I find most fries pretty dull, mostly starchy filler for big empty stomaches. (there are exceptions, of course).

I eat then together but invariably there are always leftover fries after the burger is gone. I never finish those.

I’ve done burger first, fries first, or stuff the fries in the burger first. It just depends what I’m in the mood for.

:hamburger: :fries:

Fries first, always. The reasons have been stated above. The only variation from that routine would be at The Hat, where any attempt to eat all the fries first will result in you never eating the burger at all. That fry shot, BTW, is of a small order.

Fries tend to only be good hot. Burgers can cool down a bit. Plus burgers reheat better if you get too full from the fries and refrigerate the burger for later.

Gonna guess others who voted the same give the same reasons. I’m interested more in the solid majority who didn’t agree.

My experience is that fries cool incredibly quickly. Either I eat them on the way home, or I have to eat them very quickly once we get home. In the latter case, the last few are often too cold.

And this is after waiting for them to make a fresh batch because they are hot.

Of course, I’m talking fast food here, but the same general problem happens with fries made at home. And sit down restaurants only seem to have steak fries in my experience.

I’m one of those people who usually eats all of one item before moving on to the next. There are lots of exceptions to the rule, but this ain’t one of them. All the fries, then the burger.

Well, by the time I get home, the burger is the only thing left.

You too? And my house is three blocks from McDonald’s. Depending on the timing of the traffic light, I’ve sometimes eaten half the fries before leaving their parking lot.

I get fries a lot more often than burgers: I don’t like fast-food burgers but am fine with spicy chicken sandwiches, so I eat one maybe 1-2 times a month, and get fries with that.

Burgers? I’ve had maybe two in the past year. I only care for them if they’re big honkin things with tomato/onion/lettuce/mayo/mustard. And when they cool down, they lose most of their appeal: I want 'em hot and drippy.

So I eat the burger first, a bite or two of fries in between wolfing it down.

Damn, now I want a burger.

I voted “burger first”, but I’m not 100% sure that’s accurate. What I am sure of is that I’m much more likely to eat a burger from beginning to end without stopping (e.g. I probably won’t set down a hamburger that’s 10% finished or 90% finished) vs. fries where I might eat some at the beginning and some at the end.

I don’t think I’ve had burgers and fries at the same meal recently. My wife sometimes makes burgers or fries, but not both. And I rarely order meal combos at fast food restaurants (because I value the drink portion of a meal combo at $0, so a combo doesn’t seem like it’s saving me money).