Which dressing gown do you prefer?

Purple Peacock Unlined Silk Dressing Gown


Navy Large Paisley Unlined Silk Dressing Gown

The weights are:

Large Paisley: 188g/m2

Peacock: 159g/m2

I meant to post this in the opinion forum but I guess a dressing gown is good quarantine wear.

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I like the peacock dressing gown. It would make me feel like an eccentric British lord.

I like them both equally.

Peacock for spring, paisley for fall.

Paisley. Personally I like green and purple but that one just doesn’t work for me.
And then I looked at the prices. Unless my currency exchange is completely nuts, you could raise alpacas and hire a full-time weaver to make you one for that price. If you’re going to drop that kind of money, go bespoke.

Admittedly I haven’t been keeping up with new developments in British fiber-livestock husbandry, but I’m pretty sure you can’t get silk from an alpaca.

Also, if that fabric is genuine English Sudbury silk jacquard, then yeah, it’s going to be expensive.

Personally, I prefer the paisley but I think the purple peacocks might be more in the Lord Peter Wimsey-ish tradition of the flamboyant silk smoking jackets, dressing gowns, pajamas etc. of the prewar aristocrat.

LOL true about the alpacas. I googled silkworms to remember what tree they eat (mulberry) and was surprised to find that the people who will sell you silkworms also sell silkworm chow for raising the little monsters through the fall and winter.
But I’m an American girl who’s never really had money. I think flamboyant dressing gown and I picture Hugh Hefner in his red and black pajama outfits.

That’s kinda what I was thinking. They’re both so extravagant that I can’t imagine just wearing one around my apartment. They look like they’re meant to evoke a certain sort of character during a certain time period. So the question of “which do I like better” boils down to “who and when are you trying to be?”

Funniest thing I’ve read in a quite a while. Right up there with, “I’m not suggesting that Chili’s is going to go bankrupt behind the inefficiencies of ‘El Machino’…”

Definitely the Purple Peacock. That is, if I had money to throw out, and ever wore a dressing gown.

Paisley. It’s a bit more abstract and lets the colors really shine.

And it’s only 1650 CHF.

I’m more of a bathrobe kinda guy.

I choose paisley. I love a paisley pattern. I also love peacock colors but that doesn’t look like peacock colors to me. It should have that beautiful deep turquoise color.

They have three other Peacocks.

And Fuschia & Turquoise Peacock Silk. That one is in stock for custom only. Hugh Laurie wore in The Night Manager.

I notice that your avatar is one of the gowns. Do you work for them, or just really like their gowns?

I’m probably the wrong person to answer, since I don’t know what a dressing gown is (though maybe I kind of do now ? I think I would just call those silk robes.) However, I do like looking at pretty colors and patterns and am other wise visually inclined and, for me, the paisley one by far.