Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Estrogen warning for guys:

I’m Leia! All right – that means I get to kiss Han Solo. Oh, yeah…drooling

Oooh, even cooler, on my second try I got Delenn! I get to kiss John Sheridan! ALLLLLLL RIGHT!

Apparently I’m Worf. Worf!?. That is just to effing cool.

I am Samwise Gamgee :rolleyes:

I’d rather be Aragorn :cool:

Luke Skywalker. I had a wicked crush on him when I was little and now I share his traits :smiley:

Elrond here. Pretty cool.

another yoda checking in

gawd, i have fewer wrinkles.


I’m Elrond. Dammit , I wanted to be Raistlin.

Another Aragorn here.

And I was so hoping for Susan Ivanova…:mad:

I am Galadriel, thats pretty neat.

I am Galadriel, but that’s only cause Willow (Rosenberg)isn’t an option on that quiz.

I’m still the only Watto…how much more pathetic can it get?

Dammit Jim I’m a doctor!! I’m Bones McCoy!

Galadriel. Go me.

Jean-Luc Picard

My personal vanity meter just went off the scale. :slight_smile:

I’ve got more hair though.

Princess Leia?!?

Excellent… :cool:

Je m’appelle Capitaine Jean-Luc Picard de la Enterprise.

I do wish they had used the proper spelling of “counsel”, as twickster pointed out.

I also noted after fiddling around with the questions for a bit that the difference between Elrond and Yoda is, apparently, that Elrond would prefer to convict an innocent. “Unjust, the elf is.”

I’m pretty happy I am Raistin Majere!

Lord Voldemort here.

A cunning and powerful force with strong convictions, you have no qualms about acting divisively when needed.

Take two shows me as gkar.

Ceaselessly struggling for a well-deserved redemption, you carefully arrange your alliances and energies.Lord Voldemort

Spock? I am not Spock! I don’t care what the survey says. Grumble, grumble.