What Sci Fi character are you?

Apparently, I’m Yoda

I’m Yoda too.

Wanna fight me for the title? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m Luke Skywalker.


With good intentions but misunderstood motives, I am a hardy, if somewhat unreliable, companion.

I’m [Anakin](<p><a href=“http://www.tk421.net/character/”><img src=“http://www.tk421.net/character/anakin.jpg” width=“170” height=“213” style=“border-color:#f8f8ff;” border=“2” alt=“Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?” /></a></p>)

I’m Obi-Wan Kenobi.


I’m Marcus Cole.

I live for the One, I would die for the One.

I just haven’t figured out what the One is.

I’m Kosh

Hhmmmm. I was labeled as Aragorn. I think I’m flattered, but I was really holding out hope I would end up as Princess Leia. I still have my hair-bagels around here someplace.

Wesley Crusher?!

Shoot me now.

I’m Yoda, too. Okay, lightsabers at twenty paces.

John Sheridan.

It would mean more if I had any idea who he is.

He is the second Commander on Babylon Five, loves using Nukes :slight_smile:


Ooh, Data.

Along with 28,000 other people. We’re special.

I am Princess Leia.



I’m Galadriel!
. . . wait, so are 143,000 others. I’m not special after all . . . :frowning:


Boromir and Galadriel are science fiction characters? Man, some words have lost all meaning.

I’m Wesley Crusher, by the way.

I’m Jean-Luc Picard

Another Wesley Crusher checking in. I have no idea who he is. Never watched an episode of Star Trek in my life.