What Sci Fi character are you?

Or as I call him, Smuggy McSmugpants Smugola. He likes smirking at completely inappropriate moments, and is very smug and self-righteous.

Not that that’s a commentary on our wonderful TVeblen in any fashion!

I’m Obi Wan. Yay!

I’m a Galadriel.

James T. Kirk

rips shirt…strolls away looking for alien women…

Well, originally I was Wesley Crusher. But, as that is impossible to contemplate, I went back and changed some of my answers on the questions I could go either way on.
Apparently I am now a Kosh. Kosh. I have no idea what a Kosh is, but whatever it is has to be far preferable to a Wesley Crusher.

Yaaaaay! Ambassador Squash! Squash (Kosh) is the Ambassador for one of the alien races on Babylon 5. He’s inside a kind of space suit, which you can’t really see because that photo’s really bad. He doesn’t come out, because his race is one of the “Elder” races, that guided and helped create the younger races, and all the others on the station would see him as an angel and it’d really freak them out.

He dies. That’s sad.

And sorry, that post was really incoherent :smack:

Okay, I don’t know what is worse: being dead or Wesley Crusher? But I remember the one episode where Wesley got to make out with Ashley Judd. So, if I rationalize the choice as being a)being a dead elder race angel type, or b)making out with young superhot Ashley Judd, the answer becomes obvious.

Another obi-wan. :slight_smile:

Jean-Luc Picard

Even yet another Capt. Picard.

I’m Gandalf

For all you Wesley Crushers out there…

I came out as Jean-Luc Picard.

I changed some of my answers based upon debateable questions. I thought I would come out as Kirk, but was sorely disappointed to discover I came out as Wesley F’ing Crusher.

For fun, I changed only the last answer to “guided by emotion” rather than “guided by logic” and I came out as Kirk.

CONCLUSION: The only difference between Kirk and Crusher is that Crusher is logical and Kirk is emotional. Who knew? If you are Wesley Crusher, take solice in the fact that you are almost Kirk-like.


Apparently, I’m Spock.


Nobody else got Elrond? Weird.

I’m Galadriel too. Very cool.

Can I be Éowyn next time?

John Sheridan

I always felt I was more the Han Solo type. Oh well. At least I gots me some new-kew-lar weapins.

Another Yoda here. Fight you for the title I will not. Kick your asses I would.

(Anybody notice how many Yodas there are? I didn’t read far enough to see that part.)


I’m Obi-Wan as well. Every time I take a sci-fi/fantasy internet quiz, I get Obi-wan.