Which Football Fan are you?

The Betting Fool has a list of football fan personalities, based on there reaction during football games. Which one are you? Me I’m Rudy Ref. The wife thinks I’m psychic.

I am 80% Rudy Ref, 10% Randy Rules and 10% fantasy dork.

As opposed to everyday life when I am 86% dork, I guess watching football is an improvemnt.

I’m the Randy Rules kind of fan.

It’s odd that he didn’t have a name for the fans who like a team “…just because I like their colors.” They don’t know any players’ names, the don’t know any plays, most of them can’t tell which is offense and which is defense, but they are still there.

I’m a fantasy dork, except I’m only in one league, and I’m a sophomore fandork. I’ll root for college teams, but only for/against NFL players.

Pure fantasy dork. Not in just football, but in almost all sports. Football is my worst though. It gives me something to hang on to, at least they win on occassion.

I’m a Lions fan. :frowning:

90% Randy Rules, 10% Rudy Ref.

But I used to be 100% Gambling Man.