Which free WiFi?

So as not to hijack this thread:


If I’m at someplace like an airport and I see a number of free wireless connections, all of which have plausible sounding names, how do I know which, if any, are the actual official free WiFi and which are traps? I’ve not seen signs. Asking doesn’t always work.

Do airports even have free WiFi? I’ve always assumed that with a captive audience, they had overpriced WiFi instead.

Some do (e.g. Sky Harbor, Phoenix’s airport).

I’ve always seen official signs concerning the Wi-fi services offered (free or paid). There are usually quite a few posted around the terminals I’ve been to. Otherwise, I’d try to pick a name I recognize, though that doesn’t help you much. Sometimes the coffee shops will have their own service, which should be recognizable.

PDX has free Wi-fi, which I appreciate.