Which goddess are you - a quiz


I came out a 25% Persephone, 25% Hestia, 25% Athena, 16.7% Aphrodite, and 8.3% Hera.

Kinda balanced there

You scored 50% Artemis
If you are ruled by Artemis, your independent spirit belongs to no one but yourself.

You scored 25% Aphrodite
If you are ruled mostly by Aphrodite, your femininity and passionate spirit are the controlling forces in your life.

Then I got traces of Hera, Athena and Persephone.

I came out 33.3% Athena, 25% Artemis, and then 8.3% Hera, Hestia, Aphrodite, Persephone, and Demeter.

33% Athena
25% Artemis
25% Aphrodite
8.3% Hestia
8.3% Persephone

25% Artemis; 25% Demeter; 16.7% Hera; 16.7% Athena;
8.3% Persephone; 8.3% Hestia; and…0% Aphrodite!
I guess I’m not destined to be declared an erogenous zone any time soon :frowning:

I’m 33% Artemis 16.7% Demeter, Hestia, Athena and Persephone and 0% Hera and Aphrodite

41.7% Artemis, 25% Persephone, 16.7% Aphrodite, 8.3% Hera and Athena, and 0% Demeter and Hestia. I guess having children will change that last bit around quite a bit…

25% Athena, bright-eyed, shrewd, resourceful and inventive.
25% Persephone, capable of embracing, integrating and accepting difficult experiences.
25% Aphrodite, charismatic and self-assured, comfortable with your body and unrestrained sexually.
16.7% Artemis, your independent spirit belongs to no one but yourself.
8.3% Hera, you tend to find fulfillment in relationships and look on marriage as a permanent union.
0% Hestia and Demeter.

Cool. I’m satisfied with that. “Unrestrained sexually”. Heh…

I am 25% Artemis and Athena, 16.7% Aphrodite and Persephone, 8.3% Hera and Demeter, and 0% Hestia.

Ye gods. 33.3% Persephone, 33.3% Athena, 8.3% for Hestia, Aphrodite, Demeter AND Artemis, 0% Hera. Yoinks.

Oh well…explains a lot of my screwed-up-edness. Well, doesn’t explain it, but demonstrates it. :smiley:

41.7% Athena
16.7% Artemis
16.7% Demeter
8.3% Hera
8.3% Hestia
8.3% Persephone
0% Aphrodite

I don’t have to take the quiz. I already know that I’m ALL the Goddesses rolled into one. Otherwise, why would my ass be so big?


33.3% Athena
25% Aphrodite
16.7% Hera
16.7% Persephone
8.3% Demeter
0% Hestia
0% Atermis

Good thing I’m not terribly easy to classify. :smiley:

You scored 58.3% Athena
You scored 16.7% Hestia
You scored 8.3% Persephone
You scored 8.3% Aphrodite
You scored 8.3% Artemis
You scored 0% Hera
You scored 0% Demeter

47.1% Artemis
25% Aphrodite
16.7% Persephone
8.3% Hestia
8.3% Athena
0% Hera and Demeter



This makes me wonder why Doob is always hitting on me…

Also, I have to note that this quiz is definetly not designed for men, at least not those of my mind. For you see, nowhere in the quiz was anything about violence or beer. Also, in the ‘What would you rather do?’ type questions, none of them contained the options ‘Watching TV’, ‘Playing video games’, ‘Beating up friends and relatives’, or ‘masturbating furiously’.


Amazing!! It said: “You are 100% Michelle - above and beyond all godessness”

Well, actually:
25% Artemis
25% Athena
16.7% Hera
16.7% Hestia
16.7% Aphrodite

So I’m not overweight - I’m just 5 women in one!!! :smiley:

Mnementh - this is the one you should take: The Greek God Test

It is supposed to be for women evaluating their men :slight_smile: but I’m sure you can fill it out for yourself!

I did this for my sweetie, but I left the results in the car. I wasn’t too happy with it, as some of the questions had no right answers for my sweetheart. But I might try talking him into taking it to see how our responses match!

Artemis - 25%
Hera - 16.7%
Hestia - 16.7%
Athena - 16.7%
Demeter - 16.7%
Persephone - 8.3%
Aphrodite - 0%

50% Artemis (“you can take care of yourself”)
25% Hestia (“you understand the value of having your own sacred place”)
8.3% Demeter (“a nurturer and caretaker”)
8.3% Athena (“shrewd, resourceful and inventive”)
8.3% Persephone (“you have most likely experienced great loss in your life”)
0% Hera (“you tend to find fulfillment in relationships”)
0% Aphrodite (“Men are drawn to you like bees to flowers, which satisfies your erotic nature.”) :rolleyes:

Which is just about what I expected; I’m a little disappointed my Athena quotient wasn’t higher…

Then, just for the heck of it, I took the god test, aswering as if for myself, and I am:

40% Hephaestus (“extraordinarily creative” but also “lame, ugly and awkward”)
30% Hades (“typically antisocial”)
20% Hermes (“not especially heroic or dignified” but “clever and witty”)
10% Poseidon (“a reputation for having a difficult personality”)
0% Dionysus (“can bring madness, violence, wildness and terror”)
0% Zeus (“a born politician”)
0% Apollo (“self-aware, balanced, rational and eager to live a harmonious, honest life”)
0% Ares (“mindless aggression”)

Gee, I was 25% Persephone. I guess that’s a good thing. :smiley:

On the rest, I was 16.7% Hera, 16.7% Artemis,
16.7% Athena, 8.3% Aprhrodite, 8.3% Hestia, and 8.3% Demeter.

Not surprising results, to me, anyway. I’ve always identified with those top three more than the others.