Which Hell would be worse for you?

I’m very quirky, and I can endure extreme amounts of pain. Bring on the demons, it won’t bother me.

A bumper sticker down the street says “Come to the dark side. We have cookies.” The driver of said car dresses like an extra from Sid and Nancy.
I have dealt with chronic pain and spiky pain, and I’ve had the bosses who decided to turn the office into the Crazy Train.

Which is the one with bathroom breaks?

Crazy Hell sounds like my world anyways.

you get the hell of instant coffee and sugar free cookies, and no bathrooms. It’s all three at once.

Good to see you

I know Pain. I have personified Pain. I can deal with him.

I’m already insane… does the pain hell include ibuprofen?

So, hell without relief. Nice.

Don’t be so sure.