Which home video game console had the smallest library of games?

The question is in the title. I know that the CDI and 3D0 were major failures that didn’t really move many units - but what’s the worst?

I wonder how many the Atarii 5200 had, I’m guessing not that many. Though I wouldn’t know for sure. It was also the only system we had when I was younger.

The Virtual Boy had only 22 games.

In modern times, the Virtual Boy had a grand total of 22 games, of which only 14 were available in North America. Perhaps you might not consider that to be a “console” per se, so let’s see…

Pong had… Pong. That’s it. So the record low is one game.

I think the Game.com could be in the running. Wikipedia only lists 20 titles. It could be an incomplete list. But the library was unimpressive.

And the Sega 32X-CD only had 5 games, but there were 34 for the 32X without a SegaCD.

There were only 14 released Gizmondo games.

As “home consoles” go, as opposed to portable, this Wikipedia link suggests there were only 18 US releases for the Apple Pippin.

Entex Adventure Vision had only 4 games. I don’t know of any non-dedicated console (i.e. not counting stuff like a Pong arcade machine where you can’t swap the game out) that has fewer.

The RDI Halcyon had only two games.