Which is better? Big O? Or Big D?

I say this year it’s gonna be Big O.


Raiders offense will win the Super Bowl by at least 7 points, imo. We’ll hafta see…


P.S. I’m loving it! **Revenge of the old guys!!!

Big D, baby!


(pssst – remember the Rams v. Patriots?)

I couldn’t figure out why Ohio State University was playing Detroit.

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Moving to IMHO.

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Not at all what I expected this thread to be about.

Damn it.

Orgasms are better than Dallas IMHO

A different Big O.

not porno. sorry. :slight_smile:


Not too many football fans here?

Well, wasn’t sure what you were referring to. I thought maybe it was Oscar Robertson verus Heavy D.

But once I came in here, I’d definitely have to go with Tampa Bay. And I should point out that the Bucs are hardly a bunch of spring chickens, although I think they are younger on average than Oakland.

Oakland will win but it won’t be easy. They are just playing really well in most phases of the game.

No, it’s Big G. Women know. :smiley:

Dan I was thinking the exact same thing on the way into this thread.

My roommate and I have been searching for years – years – now, trying to find a black necktie with a solid white stripe down the middle. We still haven’t found such a thing; I have no idea where Roger got his.

Well, a big D can can usually give a big O… as long as you know what you are doing…

err… ummm… I mean…
Tampa Bay will win. :slight_smile:

Right, and I can’t think of an easier question to answer!

The Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl!!!

What’s that you say? They lost in the first round of the playoffs?!?!?!?

Oh well, maybe next year!

As for Oakland vs. Tampa Bay, I think the Buccaneers defense will get the job done, and Tampa Bay will complete the odyssey from 0-14 expansion team to Super Bowl Champions.

I prefer the big Orgasm, but sometimes a big Dump feels great too!