Which is more common in sci-fi/fantasy: non-human father or mother?

I’ve been trying to work out my imagination with some sci-fi/fantasy-ish writing when a question occurred to me that perhaps only the Dope could answer-which is more common in these genres for a hybrid character: human mom and alien/nonhuman dad, or the reverse?

The pattern I’ve noticed is that the woman is usually the higher-status race, while the man is usually the lower-status one. In Tolkien, for instance, we have Melian the Maia with Thingol the Elf, and then Luthien, Idril, and Arwen (all Elves) with Beren, Tuor, and Aragorn (all Human).

Well in Star Trek, Spock’s mother is human and his father is Vulcan, and the Vulcan’s are arguably the higher status race in the Federation universe at the time – they, after all, uplifted the humans to fight the Klingons and the Romulans.

In mythology, isn’t it more common for male deities (e.g. Zeus) to go after human women, than the other way around?