Which is more sensitive: the clitoris or the cornea?

This is a kind of strange questions but im a dude so i can’t know.
I’ve heard that the glans clitoris is extremely sensitive, far more sensitive than the penis because of the larger number of nerve endings.
However, how does it compare with the cornea (most sensitive part of the eye) in regard to different sensations like touch or pain.
Any information about the nerve endings density of those two are also welcomed.
It would be simply nice to have a comparison to a body part I also have.

Thanks :wink:

I doubt you’d orgasm from having your cornea licked.

Just an anecdote but my girlfriend does not like it when I lick her eye.

“Oh, My God! I’m Seeing!”

or even gently rubbed.

Isn’t that foreplay for skull-fucking?

Obviously I’m not talking about orgasm or sexual pleasure

I don’t want a little vibrating pocket thingy placed on my cornea. Ouch.

Obviously. But if you asked, “what’s more sensitive, the cornea or the tip of the penis” what kind of responses would you expect?

I laughed!

I’d rather have my girly bits pierced than my cornea, if I had to choose one.

Interestingly… if both are very sensitive to touch, why is one erogenous and the other only capable of discomfort?

I would imagine that as far as pain goes, you could inflict more pain on a woman’s cornea than her clitoris. Does this mean it is more sensitive? But I am not a woman so I wouldn’t honestly know.

Awesome username/post combo!!!

I have both and I’m constantly having both messed with so I have to say the cornea.

I have had metal shavings removed from my eye twice. Only reason I even noticed something was wrong, the inside of my eyelid got shredded and burned like hell. So *my *corneas are not that sensitive.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say the clit has a greater variety of receptor nerves. But the cornea does have this odd “sting” sensation on contact with materials that don’t irritate genitalia.

But hey, I just pressed on my cornea for reference, so that was disturbing.

As a male I can’t try the clitoris, but after a little cornea play, I think I understand better why it was always so much work talking girls into sleeping with me.

Well, people don’t pierce their corneas…


I knew people pierced the vulva, but you’re telling me they actually pierce their clitoris? Wow. I can only think that they have that thing that happens when you get horny perpetually–that thing where otherwise unpleasurable sensations (i.e. pain) become pleasurable.


Genital piercings

Vaguely worksafe, depending. It’s from the Body Modification Wiki. That page just has a list of genital piercings, but the different links do have pictures, so persue at your own risk.
(It’s a good site for information if you’ve got new piercings. When I was having trouble with my nose piercing, I got some good info there)