Which new england patriot player would this be

I was watching the colts vs patriots game a few weeks ago, and there was a player on the patriots team. He was black and his helmet had tinted eye shields. But his face was almost totally blank and expressionless whenever he was on camera, which I thought was pretty interesting. He seemed like he was built more like a lineman (no idea if it was offense or defense). Does anyone have an idea who I’m talking about?

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Do you at least remember if he was on offense or defense?

Edit: oh, sorry, you said you didn’t know.

I’m thinking Brandon Meriweather.

I think that was Blacky McBlankface.

This is why I paid $5 to post here. This right here.

Why? He’s not that big, and pictures of him playing in Patriots gear don’t show a tinted visor (not that I looked at every picture out there, and not that I follow football, but…)

Did he have dreads? If so it was probably BenJarvus Green-Ellis or Laurence Maroney. If not, possibly Sammy Morris.

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