Which new show has a spot in your viewing schedule?

I’m watching The Mentalist mostly because it’s on after NCIS – but the show I’m hoping they don’t cancel is The Ex List. Fun premise – I’m a chick, I like chick flicks and thus chick TV shows – and the characters have more than one dimension. I’m not sure how long they can go with this show, given the premise (and the fact that it’s clear she and Elliott should get back together), but for now I’m really enjoying it.

Have you picked up any of the new shows?


I’m still not sure that I’m actually enjoying it, though. Will give it a couple more episodes, which is more chance than I gave Eleventh Hour.


Watched all last season. Well written, good acting. Give it a chance NBC.

I caught this last night – who’s Jack, and who was the woman whose hospital room they were in at the end?

So far I’m sticking with returning shows, although I’m recording a couple new ones and hope to get around to the them. Sanctuary and Fringe, for instance.

I take that back. I’m watching Knight Rider, which technically is new.

Giving “Fringe” a few more weeks.

Leaning towards giving “The Mentalist” a shot.

Dumping “Heroes” as of this week.

So far *The Mentalist *is keeping my interest, but Life On Mars is quickly becoming a favorite. Now if Rescue Me and Breaking Bad would just get back on the air…

My wife and I are giving Fringe a little more time…at least until its inevitable January cancellation, anyway.

We have a couple episodes of The Ex-List and Eleventh Hour DVR’d, but haven’t watched them yet.

I’m liking Fringe and The Mentalist so far this year - I think that’s it for new additions. We tried some of the new comedies, and they were wretched.

We are going with Sanctuary, so far it has been pretty good watching.

Saw some stupid ghost hunter-y thing last night on the travel channel that was better than the stupid british woman who screams at everything, but not as good as the rhode island ghost hunters on SF channel.

Life on Mars. I had caught an episode of the BBC version without having any idea what it was about. I was thoroughly confused and thought it was crap. Now that I know what the hell is going on, I’m quite enjoying the period elements of the show. The hot naked hippy chick is pretty silly, but she looks pretty good not wearing any clothes. The soundtrack is great. It’s pretty cool seeing the scenes shot in New York City with 70’s outfits and cars.

Same. I think seeing Hiro stab Ando tore it for me, the first-season magic it once had is spinning in its grave.

Watching “True Blood”. Not the greatest but it’s got some good moments.

“Fringe” is entertaining. I’ve enjoyed “Lifed on Mars” so far. Haven’t made time to watch “The Mentalist” yet but I mean to.
Yeah, when I’m depressed & can’t concentrate enough to read books I watch a lot of TV.

I’ve heard good things about Life on Mars, but I haven’t even watched the Brit version yet. Same thing with The Office.

Life on Mars is the only new show I’ve picked up. It’s good, but most new shows I like get canceled these days. :frowning:

I like The Mentalist, & the first episode for My Own Worst Enemy was promising. I liked the episode of The Ex List with Eric Balfour, but haven’t watched any more of it.

What else? There’s a hospital show with Angela Bassett, but it’s supposed to only go one season. :wink:

On Life, Jack is Dani Reese’s dad. (I started to say Iranian-cop’s dad, but I guess Sarah Shahi reads as Latina.)

Fringe, Life on Mars, Sanctuary, Skins, Primeval, Middleman. All are pretty good except Sanctuary, although I heard the most recent episode was good so we’ll see. I recorded Crusoe but haven’t watched the whole thing yet. It seemed ok until the cheesy pirates came on board. I’m gonna have to count the presidential debates as a new series since they were so damn long. I also recorded True Blood but haven’t watched it yet. I recorded New Amsterdam last Spring and just started watching. I quite like it, it’s too bad it was canceled.

I’ve turned into a total Sons of Anarchy nut. Ron Perlman and Katay Sagal are awesome, and I like the whole gang, except for Tig, who I hope winds up under a bus by the end of next season.

Gary Unmarried. Standard sitcom fare, but Jay Mohr used to live in the same apartment building in NYC, and was friendly when we took the elevator together, so I always give him a shot.