Which new show has a spot in your viewing schedule?

To expand a little on what foolsguinea said, there is an overarching conspiracy story about how the main character was intially framed for murder. Each episode contains more clues.

I picked up Fringe and Life on Mars. For non-new show pickups, I am enjoying How I Met Your Mother.

I dumped Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, and Chuck.

I’m loving Life on Mars and True Blood, and I’m enjoying The Mentalist (despite, in all honesty, not thinking that it’s very well written or acted). That’s about it.

I tried out Knight Rider and Eleventh Hour, and thought that they were pretty terrible. Sanctuary is OK - I’ll keep DVRing it. I DVR’d My Own Worst Enemy, but haven’t watched it yet.

Same here (well not the elevator/apartment part, just the watching part). Jay Mohr cracks me up, and sprinkle in a re-hot Paula Marshall (she went a little downhill in the last sitcom she was in) and I’m hooked. May be the only sitcom I laugh out loud at.

Fringe and Life on Mars.

Did you watch Chuck last season? If so, I’m curious why you dumped it this season.

I’m watcing “The Cleaner” and I have watched a couple eps of “Sanctuary” but I am not really very sure about it. I might give it one more ep and then let it go.

I’m loving Worst Week and am still watching Fringe, although I’m a couple episodes behind. I tried 90210 and True Blood but gave up on them already.


Joining the chorus for Life on Mars. I think it’s a little cheesy sometimes, but it keeps me interested.

I’ve dumped Heroes because I keep falling asleep when it’s on and don’t care enough about it anymore to watch it on the DVR.

Hubby likes True Blood but it just looks like vampire porn to me.

And even though it’s not new this season, I’ve fallen in love with Life all over again. I think it got a short season last year because of the strike, so I had completely forgotten about it until it came back on. Love!


That’s it. By the way, it now has a full season order, so it will be on at least for 22 episodes.

I rarely ever watch anything but sports live (though I’m usually home for Entourage Sunday nights. That said, I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy via Hulu or DVR every week. Recognized Lloyd from Undeclared in a promo and thought I’d check it out. I wouldn’t call it great but it’s been good enough to keep me watching, which is very rare for me.

It’s not technically new, but I just picked up Life this season and I’m loving it so far. I already caught the first season on Hulu to bring myself up to date.

I’m giving Heroes tonight’s episode and if they don’t recapture my interest, it’s over.

Glad to see people are picking up on Life. I really enjoy the show.

We’re still watching Life on Mars and Eleventh Hour. The former started off well but I’m completely perplexed by the over-the-topness of it. The latter started out really badly but my husband wanted to see a second episode and it was considerably better than the awful first episode which still isn’t saying much.

We’ve already dumped 90210 and Fringe after one episode each.

The Mentalist is the only new show that remains on my recording schedule. Kath and Kim sucks and only remains on my recording schedule because I watch the show before and after - but I fast forward through it.

We’re liking “Fringe” more each week. The two guys, older Dr. and his son are making the show for me. (I suppose at some point I should actually learn their names.) Their little throwaway interactions are some of the funniest moments of the show, and the old guy is a truly fascinating actor - I love just watching him do what he does.

“Life” is so damn good. Best cop show in a loong time.

Jack is the father of Reese, Charlie Crew’s partner. Jack was involved with some sort of bank heist and/or embezzlement/money laundering scheme years ago, along with Charlie’s then business partner (and police partner, I think.) Charlie’s business partner and his wife wound up getting killed by a thug (sent to collect money from them? Can’t remember.) Charlie wound up getting framed for those murders and went to prison for life, until he and his sexy lawyer won his freedom.

Anyway, the girl/woman in the room was Charlie’s business partner’s daughter who disappeared after the murders. Charlie tracked her down near the end of last season, and nearly killed the thug that raised her and committed the murders. After Charlie found the girl, he hid her to keep her from Jack Reese, who he thought wanted to kill her since she witnessed the murders of her parents. As the last episode revealed though, apparently Jack Reese had been keeping tabs on her possibly for nice reasons rather than bad.

Pardon if the details are fuzzy, this show has a fairly complicated conspiracy arc that has evolved over time. But even the “case of the week” storylines are very good.

I watched it last season and found the story-lines pretty repetitive. Plus, it’s on opposite How I Met Your Mother so entertaining won out. Adam Baldwin still rocks though.

Will you people quit talking about Life? Now I’ve had to add another show to my Netflix queue, I’ll probably never get around to!

Me too, but you need a guy like Tig around sometimes. Not in your or my daily existance mind you, but I suspect that someone that creeped out can get some things done that your average biker gang might have some use for. Besides, watching the doberman on meth bite him in the ass was priceless.

For me, my new show in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I started watching because of the commericals I saw on FX during Sons. Now I’m going back to watch the rest of them on Hulu.

Joining the chorus on Life on Mars and The Mentalist in a good way.

Joining the chorus on Heroes in a bad way.

I had decided to drop Life from my listening list, but after having read the positive comments, I guess I’ll give the series another shot.

ER is very much in the balance : wondering if I’ll tough it out to the very end; I think it’s more than time to pull the plug on it.

My Own Worst Enemy: wow. I’ve never been so confused by a first episode from beginning to end! The reviews are mixed:

I’ll probably give it a second chance:)