Which NFL player do you hope gets injured?

In honor of Big Ben Roethlisberger, I pose this question to football fans everywhere: Which player do you hope gets injured enough to have to sit out the season?

This came to mind when a local Seahawk fan did a dance of joy at the news that Ben had been sacked by an automobile. We all have players we hate, but do you hate them enough to wish bodily harm upon them?

Todd Pinkston.

I don’t wish PAIN per se on anyone, but if we extend this to “players I want scratched through the zombie virus”, then I’ll Take Terrell Owens for 100, Alex.

Wishing injury on NFL players is kicking a man where he works. That’s a big no-no in the Book of Cluricaun. However if giant buzzards were to make off with Brett Favre and he was never seen again, I’d be 'aight with that.

Cluricaun, that is the correct answer.

“Should I stay or should I go…”

Brett, the correct answer was go, you INT-chucking, Vicodin-swilling, past-his-prime glory hound.

I have to second this.
A) TO is TO and is one of the most publically selfish players in sports
B) He now plays for Dallas


I don’t like injuries and don’t wish them even on players I don’t like. I’d rather beat the Packers with a healthy Favre than beat a backup

Exactly. Not bad for a Yankee Robot.

Maybe there’s help for you after all…um…nope…nope…nevermind.

by the way, the old roommate of mine that I told you about, the yankee fan…he’s such a bandwagon fan. he likes the bulls, yankees, oklahoma sooner football, devils, and the cowboys.

Injury is too harsh, I agree. But if the Zombie Virus has to come for someone, I’d choose Shaun Alexander. It’s not rational, but I just don’t like the guy.

Darnell Dockett. As a Florida State player in 2001, he intentionally twisted the knee of Florida running back Ernest Graham. (He also tried to stomp on the hand of our QB Rex Grossman, an act clearly caught on tape.) With Graham out for Florida’s game against Tennessee, we lost by two. With him healthy, we win that game and go on to play for the national championship. I would never wish injury on any player just because he played for a team I didn’t like or had a bad personality, but when you intentionally inflict injury on someone else, I can only hope karma bites you in the ass.

Jeremiah Trotter.

1: He’s an Eagle, which means he’s already as low as you can get in the NFL.
2: That cheap-shot he put on Jeff Feagles in '04 will always be etched in my brain. To put a low-life hit on someone like that, and then laugh about it while you’re explaining how it was fully within the rules…that punk is a real special type of scumbag.

As others have said, I don’t wish it on anyone.

But if it had to happen to someone, Warren Sapp would elicit less of my sympathy than any other player I can think of.

I used to feel that way about Deion Sanders, but I think he’s finally called it quits. I think there’s only one athlete who I want to get hurt now, and it’s Barry Bonds. if he gets hurt by a football player, that’s fine. :smiley:

Wow…didn’t expect to hear that name.

Umm…are you an Eagles fan? Cuz that would make much more sense.

No, not even Barry Bonds.

Sweet Jeebus you are correct sir.

The Denver Broncos offensive line.

Of course, Alex Gibbs had already left the team by the time I wrote that. I think he’s still coaching the Falcons line. I wouldn’t shed a tear if he or Mike Shanahan suffered a career ending injury either. I don’t know what kind of injury would end a coach’s career, but I’d be interested to find out.

I’d like to see Peyton Manning lose all motor control and throw interception after interception, but I don’t wish the guy injury.

What, you don’t watch the playoffs?

I love TO if only because he pisses off all those announcers who blather on about the sanctity of football. It makes me want jump through the TV screen and strangle them.

Anyhow, I’d have to go with the New England Patriots. Yes all of them. I don’t wish any serious pain, just enough to make them fold the team for a few years.

Again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’ll happen more often this year. Edgerrin James was a more important part of that offense than a lot of people realize. He’s not only a great runner, but he’s one of the best blocking backs in the league. I’m glad he’s gone.

(I grew up in Baltimore and I’ve held a grudge agains tthe Colts for more than 20 years now. It hasn’t abated a bit).