Which of the Best Actress Oscar-nominees would you vote for?

This is Streep’s 13th nomination in this category (out of a total 16). She’s won 2 Oscars in the past, one for Best Actress back in 1982 (the last time she won).

This is Mirren’s 4th nomination and second in this category. She won this award 3 years ago.

This is the first nomination for the other three.

I’d vote for Carey Mulligan, not so much because I think she deserves it, her nomination is her reward, but because she’s so darn cute I love the idea of seeing her face when she wins. And yes, that’s a horrible reason to vote for someone. I still haven’t seen The Last Station so I can’t judge Mirren’s performance. Knowing her, she probably deserves it 100%.

I’d have voted for Streep in a heartbeat if the entire movie had been about Julia Child. She was fantastic and I hope she wins anyway. Bullock got the role of a lifetime and ran with it, so if she wins I will understand and be happy for her. It’ll be a downer having to put up with all the “Sandra BULLOCK? REALLY?” crap, but I think she’ll live up to it.

The nomination is Gabourey’s reward, and good for her, but if Sandra and Meryl split the vote, I wouldn’t be shocked if Sidibe were to manage a surprise win. I don’t see it happening, but anything can happen.

Haven’t seen The Last Station but among the other four I’d pick Mulligan, the Bullock, then Sidibe, then Streep way back behind them all (I simply didn’t care for her performance or the movie).

I voted for Merryl Streep. I honestly didn’t think Sandra Bullock was all that great. She was ok, but nothing special. Her fake southern accent really undermined her performance. It was a little too tryhard for my taste.

It reminded me somewhat of Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich, in which another mediocre actress (actually, I think Julia Roberts is even worse than mediocre. I think she flat can’t act) was chewing up scenery in a movie designed to be Oscar bait. The part was way too big for her, and she sucked in the movie, but she ended up with an Oscar anyway. One of a long list of actresses who have been given that award for highly overrated performances. The Aacdemy seems to do that more with the Best Actress category than any other, I think.

I voted for Carey Mulligan because her performance made the whole movie 10x more interesting.

My second choice would be Bullock. I’ve known women like her character and I think she’s dead on.

Sidibe was ok, but not as impressive as Mulligan or Bullock.

I haven’t seen Mirren or Streep.

I just got home from seeing The Last Station (and The Ghost Writer) and maybe she doesn’t deserve it 100%, but she certainly deserved her nomination, as did Christopher Plummer, who was marvelous. I love that he has two movies in the theaters right now, The Last Station and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Two very different characters, and he’s such a great actor. He has no chance of winning over Christoph Waltz, but it’s nice that he’s getting attention.

I’m glad I’ve now seen all the acting nominees.

Perhaps you didn’t understand the question? This poll was asking for the best “actress”.

I know, I just felt like waxing non-poetically about Plummer there for a moment. Sorry.