Which of the Supporting Actress Oscar-nominees would you vote for?

Penelope Cruz won in this category last year (and also has a Best Actress nod in her past).

This is the first nomination for the other four.


I admit I haven’t seen Precious or Nine. Of the others, my favorite performance was Anna Kendrick. She really lit up the screen.

Mo’Nique. I like all the others but no one comes anywhere near her.

Marion Cotillard could easily have taken Penelope Cruz’s place for BSA. They were the best things about the movie.

I almost voted for Farmiga – she was perfect in that role. Honestly, I thought Kendrick was a little hammy.

I loved Crazy Heart, but Gyllenhall was badly miscast.

Mo’nique had the meatiest role and was superb, so I gave the nod to her.