Which of these cocktails have you had?

I’ve had fruit cocktail, from a can

Canadians and dwarfs don’t count. :stuck_out_tongue:

Six people have had an Aviation cocktail? Where are you people finding bars that stock creme de violette?

I went to high school just outside New Orleans. Imbibing a daiquiri was practically a graduation requirement!

21 of them if I counted right. Mostly only one of each on my way to realizing I prefer to drink straight vodka.

I tended bar for 5-6 years in different types of bars, and there are still many on that list that I’ve never even heard ordered.

SO, if you used Canada Dry in a gimlet, would you have a “Glider”? (actually sounds like a decent drink)

Yeah, I was thinking that, too. The gimlet is an odd omission. I don’t drink much in the way of cocktails, but gin and tonic and (gin) gimlets are my summer standard, along with the occasional gin greyhound. (I dunno…something about gin and warm weather speaks to me, much like I associate most any kind of whiskey with cooler weather.)

a. I get that!
b. It does, doesn’t it?

You mean you weren’t inundated with orders for “Mary Pickfords” and “Porto Flips” nightly? :slight_smile:

I voted for 9, but I missed the Rum and Coke, so I should have marked 10. I think the White Russian should be on the list though. I would imagine it’s more popular than the Black Russian. Anyway, the Old Fashioned and the Martini are the only cocktails I’ve bothered with in years.

No, but more often than one might think, I would get orders for Pink Squirrels.

Bacardi is a brand of rum, not a cocktail!?!

(I know, it’s on that list, but it’s silly – like calling a screwdriver an “absolut.”)

What about martinis then? Hmmmm?

No, there’s a Bacardi cocktail

Next time I go to a real bar I am going to order a Porto Flip.

Also I know how I am going to spend my Sunday, I am getting some gin, Rose’s Lime and Canada Dry seltzer, tonic and ginger ale…

Whatever happened to Sex on the Beach? Was that just one of the most popular drinks ordered during my tenure as a bartender, in the 80s/90s, in So Cal?

And your bartender will say, Uh, sure, how do you like that made?

Gimlet is obvious (no more dated than some of these).

Also “Cape Cod/Codder.” Most people don’t know what that is (vodka + cranberry juice), but it’s a common order by the ingredients. Sea Breeze is probably the closest.

Those who said daiquiri, fess up: did you have one prepared like they say? That means no banana.

Yeah, that one is bullshit. They say: “Note: Use Old Tom Gin for Tom Collins,” which is not something you can normally buy. If people have been using one name consistently for the last 40 years, it’s time to update your name.

I have when I was out of milk. I count WR as made from milk or cream because who has cream on hand?

As far as I know. Not a wedge of lime, actual juice. It makes it so much better and less cloying.

Hipster bars. I’ve never ordered one, but I have sipped off someone else’s, same as Sazerac.

Upon reflection, I missed the Piña Colada and should have marked that along with Daiquiri and Margarita.