Which of these cocktails have you had?

IIRC, last one I had was raspberry but I have no idea how it was prepared.

San Francisco. Just follow the tech hipsters. Their bars have everything …including the contents of your wallet.

The Golden Moon distillery in Golden, Colorado makes a fantastic one. If you get out this way I’d highly recommend it.

I’ve had a fair number of those cocktails and we make variations of most of them in my tasting room. I’d make more but we can only serve liquors we make and there is only so far I can stretch what run can do.

Gin Rickey isn’t on the list either. Maybe it’s too old school.

I’ve had about 50 of them, probably more. I’m far too lazy to look up the ones I didn’t recognize to see if I’ve had them under another name.

It’s hardly an really odd thing to stock any more. At least one bar in my town has it, and (like another poster said) it was all over San Francisco when I was there a couple weeks ago. The Rothman & Winter seems to be the most ubiquitous brand.

I’ve only seen it ordered in and around DC.

Also, I don’t know if you need to maintain [del]Tom[/del] John Collins and Gin Fizz as completely separate categories.

I mean: that drink is not really sugary and never frozen. That’s the original definition which I’ve never had, and I think most customers expect the modern type except maybe in “serious” bars. The original daiquiri is essentially a caipirinha or maybe a less orangey Margarita with white rum instead of tequila.

Also note the first “i,” which has become rather optional in modern pronunciation.

Yes. If I’m having a cocktail, it’s the classic preparation, not the bastardized sugary shit they call cocktails nowadays.

How modern? In some 50 years, I don’t recall ever having heard it pronounced otherwise than DACK-er-ee. But then I’ve never had one, either.

I’ve had about 80% of these. Favorites are caipirinha (caipiroska, whatever), sidecars, Clover Club (oh yeah…) Sazerac, old-fashioned, and two that aren’t listed: Pimm’s Cup punch and Daisy. Although a Daisy is basically a highball Sidecar…

It’s fun to try to get these in dive bars where they specialize in rum and cokes. Leads to some interesting conversations with bored bartenders as we attempt to cobble together something imbibable with available stock.

At home I often like a riff on the caipir-whatever using Myers Dark, lime juice (or muddled), brown sugar, and Angostura. Sometimes with a fizz to make it tall, sometimes not. :smiley:

I refuse to order things with names like “Sex on the Beach.”

Ordered it at least once, at the Matchbox in Chicago, I believe, and have made it at home.

I think 38, plus we happen to be drinking negronis as I type this.

Sixteen, and like others add also the Pimm’s Cup. Still makes me feel like I slacked off during my prime drinking years.

OTOH I have to agree with Elemenopy, I’m not ordering Sex on the Beach or Between the Sheets. Really.

Btw, is the Hemingway special the same thing as a Hemingway daiquiri? I assumed so.

I’ve tried 23 out of the list; one year during grad school I tried to sample as many possible cocktails as possible, but I got tired of them after a while.

Remember, these are just the cocktails the IBA uses for competition. So Pimm’s Cup really doesn’t fit. Neither does any binary drink.

Is a vodka martini not a popular drink? :confused:

Just out of curiosity, how does one go about patenting (or copywriting) a drink?

I have to admit a Mary Pickford sounds pretty good.

Okay, I guess maybe I hung out at too many dive bars.

Too late for an edit.

I take it a VM is a binary cocktail?