Which of these cocktails have you had?

From this list of IBA (International Bartender’s Association) "Official Cocktails." An “Official Cocktail” is a drink selected for use in their bartending competitions, chosen for popularity and notability.

Poll coming. There’s a lot!

Only about eight. I was mostly a beer drinker, other than a spate of nothing but rum and Coke in the Virgin Islands.

There are, by my count, 77 cocktails on the list. I’ve had about 50 of them. The ones I’ve missed don’t appeal to me in the least, since they contain things I dislike, such as champagne or mint or anise-flavored booze.

I’ve actually not had most of them (or even heard of them), but there are a few on there I’ve always wanted to order but never remember to order when I’m at a bar (I don’t go to bars all that much anymore). Like I’ve always wanted to order a Harvey Wallbanger, just because I like the idea of ordering a Harvey Wallbanger.

Some of these I’ve actually only made myself at home. I made Mint Juleps for a 4th of July party, and I randomly bought a bottle of cachaca once so we had a mess of Caipirinhas one night. Rum and Cokes and Screwdrivers are standard party fare.

75% of “The Unforgettables”
90% of “Contemporary Classics”
85% of “New Era Drinks”

A few only at home; and with a few others I had to look up the recipe to be sure. For better or worse, there’s very little booze-wise that I’m unwilling to try once.

In the end I’d be surprised if margarita isn’t the drink most people have tried, some of us again and again and again.

No Pimm’s? This IBA is some bullshit organization :slight_smile:

I’ve had 40. Now that I know there’s a list, I should be able to get around to the rest … it’s going to be quite a weekend :wink:

I’ve had about 20 of them, mostly back in the day when I was trying to decide what ‘my drink’ was going to be.

I finally settled on single-malt scotch.

I’ve had about 35 of them. Most of them I’ve had only rarely. The ones I still have with some regularity: Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Sazeracs (I’m sensing a theme), and Bloody Marys.

Yeah, there were a couple of rather common cocktails that didn’t make the list. I haven’t had a Pimm’s Cup in a decade or more. I wonder if you can even find the makings around here?

Three, which is more than I expected.

I forgot to mark the screwdriver and sazerac. I blame small phone screen.

What’s a ‘John Collins’? I’ve had a Tom Collins.

ETA: Also, I’ve had White Russians, but not Black Russians.

It’s so popular, there’s a town named after it. :wink:

Pretty much the same drink, just different names over the years. Some sources list a John Collins as being made with bourbon or rye instead of gin.

I bet even more people have had a Joan Collins.

A Cuba libre isn’t really the same thing as a rum and Coke, is it? I thought it had to have lime to be a Cuba libre.

A “proper” Rum and Coke should at least come with a lime wedge as garnish.

No Caesar and no Gimlet…

I’ve had a lot of them. Generally, I don’t care much for the drinks containing mint or anise. OTOH, there are lots of variations on the Negroni and I haven’t had one yet that I disliked.