Which of these do you like best as an opening line?

If you were to read one of the following as the opening line (or lines) of a book, which one would you like most? Assume the book is (hypothetically) a collection of humorous (and sometimes tragic) stories and essays about growing up in an extended and eccentric family in rural Alabama in the 1970s/1980s.

All three open different stories, of course.

Thanks for any opinions, suggestions, tithes, or offerings.

The third one grabbed me much harder than the other two. I’d use that one for sure.

I kinda like #1. It’s like if Dave Barry wrote A Brief History of Time.

I prefer the first one, for its brevity.

I like to be drawn in quickly, and that sentence does it. I especially like the close juxtaposition of unusual (space) and common (grocery store).


Of course, I’m not necessarily your target audience – I’m pretty “could we get to the point here, please?”

Go with #3. That is, if it’s the opening you want to use for your long-awaited book. It’ll fit in better with how you’ve told stories here in the past.

I’d go with one or three, but definitely not two. I just don’t think it was as funny/attention grabbing as the other two.

Use creative license. Make the first sentence of #3 it’s own paragraph. You get the brevity of #1, and the :o of #3.

#1 is very funny, and I already want to know the rest of the story.

Another vote for the compromise. I like #3 but I see the point of the brevity as a grabber.

The third one, definitely.

I vote for number 3.

I don’t like #1.

I like #3.

Another vote for #3.

Not 2.

#3 for sure.

#1 for a humorous essay, #3 for a novel.

Definetly 3. 1 would be good for a chapter opening, though.

I vote for #1. Number #3 could be good, if you could better spell out that, yes, Mama was indeed serious about attempting suicide. Right now it just seems like come hell or high water, Dad is itching for a road trip.