Which of these new movies can you avoid watching longest?

Spies Like Them: ‘Killers’ & ‘Knight and Day’

I hope I can outlive them both.

I definitely won’t catch Killers, but I’ve enjoyed the Cruise & Diaz trailers so far, so very well might see their film.

I’m fairly confident that I can avoid watching them both . . . into my next lifetime.

I’m not likely to see either, but if forced at gunpoint I would choose to see the one that isn’t Killers. From the trailer I’ve seen, it looks like they’re playing it strictly for laughs, which might be OK but it doesn’t appear to be funny. The Knight and Day trailer at least made me smirk a few times, looks like it has a couple exciting action scenes, and hints at some mystery and suspense. Plus it has a lead who can act.

Over at Box Office Prophets the analysis suggests K&D is slightly less horrible. It has Cruise who I hate even more than Kutcher (which is pretty bad). Jaw clenching is not acting!

Killers is so bad that it might be worth an MST3K-type viewing. (But I thought the same thing about The Island and I still haven’t gotten around to watching that.)