Which one do you like better?

I currently have two separate quotes in my sig line. A couple of people have mentioned that they think my sig line is too big and that I should drop one of the quotes. But I cannot decide which one I like better. So, I’m conducting an informal poll. Should I keep the first quote, or the second quote?

Drop the second one.

Yup…dump number 2

god I’m funny

Yes. Yes, you are. :slight_smile:

3rd vote for Charlotte, here.

Why do you care if people thing your sig is too long? My suggestion: Move this thread to the pit, and start insulting anyone who gives you advice on your sig.

Drop 'em both. No words of wisdom are so wise that they stand up to hundreds and hundreds of readings.

Replace them with something weird. Who’s that new guy who’s got

I like bones.
Do you like bones?
bone bone bone

S/He’s probably quoting something, but I have no idea what. And every time I see those three lines, I’m tickled pink.

Uke, that is so profound. Do you mind if I use it as my new .sig line?

::::: ducks & runs :::::

I like the first one. But he’s right, oddity is better tan profoundness.


Just drop your name from your sig.

It appears elsewear.


Thanks, Ike. For everybody’s information, that quotation is from a video game, Earthbound, for Super Nintendo. I think I’ll change my sig line every month or so…

I liked the second one.

I stole my sig from a comment Uke made. It honestly made me choke on my coffee when I read it.


Well, I changed my sig line. I hope you like it.

Is that all we get to pick from.

space for sale

That’s stupid its not too big- Ohh. You changed it! What was it before it was the squicking thing?

And listen, honey, mine has three quotes in it and if someone told me to change it, u know what i’d do? Drop kick them all the way to Knoxville, Tenessee, that’s what.


What is it about you, you can use the simplest words, and make them so…uh…fuck, what WAS that last sig of yours?

Just wait. I’m bound to say something even stupider soon, and you can use that, okay?

Actually, I really don’t care too much if some people don’t like my old sig. However, I have had that same sig for a few months now and I was looking for something new to put. I made up a new one yesterday, but I’ve decided that I really don’t like that one either, so I’m just going to leave out my sig line until I can think of something better. But thanks for the help.

:: smooches ::