Which one hangs lower? - Poll

Ok, I’ve heard it said that in right-handed men, the left testicle hangs lower than the right and vice versa, is this true?

C’mon guys, have a feel and let me know.

Read the forum descriptions. Polls go in IMHO. Since it’s sunny outside, I’ll move it there for you.

And there’s no way in bleedin’ hell I’m telling you about my testicles.

Sorry, I guess I should have made it a proper question instead of a poll; I am interested in the definitive answer, if there is one (much more so than other people’s personal details anyway)

That’s okay, the pictures are all over the internet anyway. :smiley:

The left. Actually, I was discussing this with Supergirlfriend the other night. IIRC, I read that the left hangs down farther in over 90% of all men. What percentage of men are left-handed? Anyone know?

Well, since the pictures of the shorn snowballs will be available some day, I may as well tell you now:
The right one hangs lower. I’m right handed, too, but I’ve got vericocele, so I think that has something to do with the matter.

Happy now?

I’m left handed and my left one hangs lower.

I vividly remember the day I discovered that they didn’t hang evenly. Man, was I scared. I thought something had come unattached.

[sub]FTR, I’m left-handed and left… umm… testacled[/sub]

I was having a discussion with a medical student pal of mine a few years ago, and this topic came up. (I don’t remember WHY it came up, though. Oh, and pun is NOT intended!) He told me that the left one hangs lower in most men.
There’s a condition where the organs may have formed on the opposite side of the body (i.e. heart slightly to the RIGHT side of the chest, apendix on the LEFT side, etc) and that if the RIGHT one hangs lower, it’s a clue for the physician to look for that condition.

That is, IIRC our discussion AND he wasn’t pulling my leg.