Which "Oz" inmate would make the best president?

Assuming no one has life sentences of course.

I was going to nominate Simon Adebisi, but then realized he was probably not born in the U.S. So I change my nomination to Poet. He can stir the nation with powerful poetry about “cock-a-roaches” and such, but is still tough enough to make other nations and terrorists think twice before trying to shiv the U.S or make it its prag.

If he can keep his drinking under control, and if Chrisopher Keller was put to death so he couldn’t wreck his life…Tobias Beecher.

Kareem Said is the only choice, though the chances of a Muslim being elected in the current poitical climate seem pretty slim.

Plus he’s black and an inmate . . .

You know what, screw it.

Ahhhhnold for President, we’ll change the constitution if we have to!

Glinda, the Good Witch of the South.