Which popular TV shows have you not seen a single episode of?

Even though I consider myself fairly culturally aware, I know there are a ton of television shows I have never seen. It was suggested that a poll be constructed along those lines, so here we go. I thought it best to keep it SDMB-centric, so I’ve included only the 51 shows from this 2010 thread, which sought to determine the most popular Doper shows.

Which of these shows have you never viewed a single complete episode of? We’re talking sitting down and watching start-to-finish; having it on in the background, seeing a preview or clip, etc. does not count.

I probably overstated my case in that in some cases I may have watched an episode or two, but still have no idea what the show was about. I tried to err on the side of accuracy! :slight_smile:

Most of 'em. Hooray for my cultural cluelessness!

I assume The Next Generation and Star Trek: The Next Generation are the same show?

Yeah. I knew I couldn’t do this without screwing something up. :slight_smile:

I have seen one or more episodes of just 13 shows on the list; I guess never having had cable has made an impact on what I have been exposed to…

Not even a big thing!

It’s going to be fun to see, once we have over 30 or so voters, how many of these “Popular Shows” are also only watched by a relatively small number of Dopers. I wonder how we could correlate such results with any hope of making some sort of generalized statement about such matters…

Which “Whose Line” version? I LOVED the U.S. version, never watched the British version.

I’ve heard of all the shows on the list except Good Eats. Some I watched regularly, some I saw a few episodes and got bored, some I only saw because my husband watched them and I was in the same room (which would be the Star Trek and other sci-fi shows.) Overall, I find I don’t enjoy TV nearly as much as I did when I was a kid - is it because my tastes have changed or TV has gotten worse?

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Both, I think.

I haven’t watched a single episode of the new “Hawaii Five-O” and have no intention of ever doing so. Same for “Big Bang Theory.”

Ditto for just about every other show now on network television. Come to think of it, “NCIS,” “Jeopardy,” and the occasional “CSI” or “Criminal Minds” are the only current shows I regularly watch. Everything else is reruns (e.g, “Cheers!,” “Frasier,” “ST: Voyager”) or documentaries (e.g., History, Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, BBC).

I do still enjoy “Family Guy,” the occasional episode of “The Simpsons,” and cooking shows (especially with Gordon Ramsey), but they’re beginning to wear a bit thin.

I’m just the opposite. Watched re-runs of the the UK show ( which I liked ), never bothered with the American version.

I haven’t seen a full episode of eight of those shows and I skew the poll the most with The Golden Girls. Of the ones I have missed I do intend at some point to watch Twin Peaks, I just never have sat down and got around to it.

Good enough for me. Thanks.

There are a few shows on this list that I’ve never even heard of. What the hell is Good Eats? Carnivale? Band of Brothers is a TV series? I thought it was a movie.

Where TV food-dude Alton Brown shot to fame. Humorous and science-based take on your standard cooking show.

HBO show cancelled after two seasons. A mystical struggle between avatars of good and evil centered around a traveling carnival in Depression-era America. Good quality and rather dark - I was a fan. Some complaints that it moved a little slow, but that isn’t an issue on DVD ;).

10 part fact-based HBO mini-series. Superb look at an American unit from boot-camp, through D-Day and thence on until the end of the war.

I tried to get into [ERROR - DISREGARD], but it was shit and I changed the channel halfway through. That counts as not watching a single episode, right?

Because you can watch it at 2x speed?

LMAO…I thought {Error-Disregard} was the OP saying ‘ignore this one’, so I didn’t check it. Never even HEARD of it.

For some reason, I have not only never seen Arrested Development, but couldn’t tell you when it aired (the 90’s, maybe?), who was in it, (no clue), or what it’s about (no clue). I miss a lot of joke references because of it, but don’t mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some comparative figures to consider between the first 70 Voters in this thread and the first 60 Voters in the poll linked to in the OP:

View Poll Results: Which popular TV shows have you not seen a single episode of?  

The Shield                                     60 85.71% 
Carnivale                                      55 78.57% 
I Claudius                                     55 78.57% 
Freeks & Geeks                                 54 77.14% 
Deadwood                                       51 72.86% 
The Wire                                       49 70.00% 
Angel                                          48 68.57% 
Band of Brothers                               46 65.71% 
Rome                                           46 65.71% 
The Avengers                                   44 62.86% 
Six Feet Under                                 43 61.43% 
Good Eats                                      42 60.00% 
Breaking Bad                                   41 58.57% 
The Office (UK)                                40 57.14% 

Mad Men                                        38 54.29% 
NCIS                                           38 54.29% 
Doctor Who (2005)                              37 52.86% 
The West Wing                                  37 52.86% 
Battlestar Galactica (2004)                    34 48.57% 
Lost                                           33 47.14% 
Twin Peaks                                     32 45.71% 
My Name is Earl                                31 44.29% 
Northern Exposure                              31 44.29% 
The Sopranos                                   30 42.86% 

Arrested Development                           29 41.43% 
Firefly                                        29 41.43% 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer                       28 40.00% 
Fawlty Towers                                  27 38.57% 
[ERROR - DISREGARD]                            27 38.57% 
House                                          24 34.29% 
The Bob Newhart Show (Chicago psychologist)    23 32.86% 
The Dick Van Dyke Show                         22 31.43% 
ER                                             21 30.00% 
NewsRadio                                      20 28.57% 

Barney Miller                                  19 27.14% 
The Golden Girls                               15 21.43% 
All in the Family                              14 20.00% 
Family Guy                                     14 20.00% 
NOVA                                           14 20.00% 
Whose Line is it Anyway?                       14 20.00% 
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart                13 18.57% 
Star Trek: The Next Generation                 13 18.57% 
WKRP in Cincinnati                             13 18.57% 
Futurama                                       12 17.14% 
Monty Python’s Flying Circus                    9 12.86% 
Seinfeld                                        9 12.86% 
M*A*S*H                                         8 11.43% 
Gilligan’s Island                               7 10.00% 
Star Trek (original series)                     6 8.57% 
Cheers                                          5 7.14% 
The Simpsons                                    3 4.29% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 70 


The leaders after 60 votes:

The Simpsons                    20 33.33% 
Arrested Development            15 25.00% 
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 15 25.00% 
Buffy                           14 23.33% 
Firefly                         14 23.33% 

Dexter                          13 21.67% 
Futurama                        13 21.67% 
Seinfeld                        11 18.33% 
The Sopranos                    11 18.33% 
M*A*S*H                         10 16.67% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 60.  

Just curious as to what the criteria was for making the list? Why not ‘The Office (US)’ or ‘The X-Files’?