Which state most fits your personality?

A short-form test that places you with the state whose citizens are most like you (don’t have to be a US resident, of course).

I got Vermont.

It’s essentially a truncated version of the Big 5/OCEAN test, which quantifies your Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Lots of methodology below and in the paper.

Of course, state borders are somewhat artificial, as Northern Californians will complain about being lumped in with So. Cal and vice versa.

I belong in Washington! Which is good, because it’s my favorite state.

North Carolina?! No way!

Vegas Baby!!!

I’m going to make a wild-assed guess that I won’t end up in South Carolina. Where I do end up? Let’s go see…

I apparently belong in New Mexico. I can deal with that, it seems like a nice state.

I got Oregon. Unfortunately, I live in Mississippi.

Wyoming? You’ve got to be kidding!

I live in California on purpose and I like it here just fine. You’ll pry me away from here by my cold dead fingers. Except they won’t be that cold because it’s, like, California.

Utah?? Oh no. That makes no sense. I’m not moving.

I belong in Maryland.

I live in Maryland. Am I cause or product?

Whoa! I got Rhode Island. Not sure why. Increasing some values got me Pennsylvania and New Jersey, both states I’ve also lived in. Maybe it’s reflecting something about mid-Atlantic states.

I live in MD, I got SC. I could live with that, it doesn’t snow in SC right?



Wow, I got New Mexico! The thing is, 14 years ago I quit my job and moved across the country to live in New Mexico, mostly because I like mountains, sunshine and the great outdoors. I didn’t have a job lined up and I didn’t know anyone who lived there.

14 years later, I still love it here and have no desire to live anywhere else.

PA which is hardly a shock as I would live in Philly if we weren’t tied to NYC because of my husband’s job.

I live in Tennessee and guess where it put me?
“You belong in Tennessee!”

And that is a might bit odd, because honestly, I don’t really like orange and white.


Took me three tries and a Google check just to spell it.

I’m a misplaced New England gal all the way.

I live in Florida and it puts me in Washington. Now while it’s no secret that I dislike Florida, I’ve never been to Washington but I don’t envision it as that far removed from Florida’s big cities. Maybe that’s because I know mainly creative and/or professional types in Florida.

Are people’s attitudes in Washington anything like their attitudes in Oregon (where I’ve only been once?) While they gave good customer service – indeed, better than the superficially cheery yet lazy Southwest, they seemed just a bit grumpy about the whole thing.

Whereas the one time I visited Vermont it seemed to have the best of both worlds, they seemed laid back about the small stuff but were not so laid back that you never got served at an establishment.

I got Oregon!
Interestingly enough, the Find Your Spot website also suggested six different places in Oregon for me.
I am, however, stuck in New York as long as my elderly parents need me in the east.

I’ve spent about 97% of my life in California, but the Mood Map says I would fit right in…in Georgia? I think I’ll stick to the left coast.