Which town would have the bigger riot?

…if they won the world series? Chicago or Boston?

I’m betting on Boston, but Chicago has more people, so I don’t know what sort of objective criteria we could use to measure riots.

Property damage? Arrests? Fatalities?

Flaming cars.

I think every city with a baseball team would riot. I know that if it happens, my head would begin to melt.

I dunno, Chicago isn’t really a riot kind of town. There will be alot of partying in the streets if (IF!) the Cubs win, and probably some barfights between Cubs and Sox fans, but I doubt it’ll get too out of hand. An overturned car or two, but nothing of Detroit-like dimensions.

Not since the late 19th century/early 20th century, at least. Uh, wait, the last time the Cubs. . .

Nevermind :smiley: .

Perhaps they will conduct themselves with dignity and not riot. Much like in 1994 when the NY Rangers won their first Stanley Cup in 54 years. We didn’t riot but the losers in Vancouver did. Go figure.

I am sure it is more fun to cheer and celebrate respectfully than it is to spend the night in jail.

Chicago. Not only have they been waiting longer, but they have Superfans.


Well considering there were already seven arrests and property damage by Red Sox fans last night after advancing to the ALCS, I’m gonna put my money on Boston. From today’s Boston Globe :

Boston, no question. Yeah, we had some kick-ass riots here when the Bulls won the first championship but the riots were mostly around the United Center, which is in a pretty rough neighborhood. Wrigleyville is no longer a rough neighborhood, and Chicago has learned its lesson about police presence during big games. I’m betting there’ll be lots of frat-boy type drunken idiocy, but not the looting and violence that we saw during the Bulls’ heyday.

I lived in Boston for a couple of years and experienced Red Sox fandom firsthand. I realize that Cubs fans are frequently complete assholes (I was at that Cubs-Dodgers game where a fan snatched Chad Kreuter’s cap) but one game at Fenway while wearing a White Sox cap was enough for me (I went to several games at Fenway while I lived there but this one still sticks out in my mind.) I sat through seven innings of mean-spirited name-calling, incredibly vile language and baiting by Red Sox fans before I finally had to leave. I’ve never been treated so nastily by another team’s fans. And before it’s suggested that it was my behavior that precipitated their behavior – I attended the game with my then four-year-old son and had no interest in getting in a swearing match with Red Sox fans. Thus I have a negative impression of Red Sox fans in general, so my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt.

I will say this – it would be beyond cool to have a series in both Wrigley and in Fenway. Sox fans aside, Fenway Park is wonderful, and of course Wrigley is baseball Mecca.

When the Patriots won the Superbowl there were definitely some incidents, so even if not on par with Chicago, Boston would certainly be interesting for a few hours if the Sox won. Plus, consider that the Patriots don’t have a quarter or even an eigth of the following that the Red Sox do. Also, the Red Sox haven’t outlasted the Yankees in the playoffs for how many decades? Yankees Suck is pretty much the official motto around here.

My what short memories you people have

Flash back to the Bulls First chamionship
Chi town Bulls Fan: “Hey we won the big one, LETS ROIT!!

Flash foward a year-
CTBF: "Hey I know we won last year, but Now it’s two in a row!! Let have another Riot, only twice as big!!

Ahead another 12 months-

hyper drunk CTBF: “Man this is the three peat!! BURN THIS MOTHER DOWN!!!”
SO you see, the cubs winning the world seris will no only be the end of baseball (it’s in section 42 of the rule book: “If at any point a team from Chicago wins the world seris, the league shall disband and the front office personal shall commit ritual sucide”) But the city of Chicago will cease to exsit.