White Castles and Flatulence

In one of the fast food threads, someone mentioned that White Castles make them fart something fierce. I live in Columbus, Ohio, home of White Castle, and I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t get uncontrollable flatulence from those things. And yet, sometimes nothing but a sack full of sliders will do. Usually that’s late night after drinking a lot of beer, which only makes the problem worse.

Do you eat White Castles? Do you get the post-slider farts?

I don’t eat White Castle, I eat Krystal Burgers (same general idea), but it has the same effect. That’s why we call them gut bombs.

I believe it’s the caramelized onions that cause the farting…

You’ll have to set up a control experiment where you only eat one or two sliders, and haven’t been drinking obscene amounts of alcohol beforehand. I’m fairly certain these conditions have never occured.

The rest of my family, having grown up in the Midwest, LOVES White Castle. Personally I’m scared of the place. But the last time we went back to the Midwest, I consented to eat two sliders, and stone cold sober as I was driving. I still got gas.

Possibly - I had been scraping the onions off sliders for years (I loathe onions), but within the past few years have learned you can order White Castles WITHOUT onions (OK, there’s one or two fragments left from the grill, but these can be readily dealt with). Anyway, my experience is that there is no excessive gas passing or stomach problems encountered after consuming onion-less sliders - and you know, they actually taste pretty decent without that crappy onion-taste (of course, since it’s been a long time since I ate sliders w/ onions, I don’t really have a baseline to go with…)

Depending on the fuel level in your car, this may not be a bad thing.

I have never noticed increase flatulence when eating White Castles or Krystals (and I love them).

I have to save my White Castle binges for when my wife is out of town… And out of a general sense of courtesy to the people I work with, only on Friday night or Saturday. The whole house stinks for at least a day. I am not exaggerating; it’s that bad.
In addition, I’ve learned to take a pre-emptive dose of Immodium beforehand, or else I might as well just cut out the middleman and flush the sliders directly down the toilet. Having no gall bladder doesn’t help.

But, Lord help me, sometimes I just gotta have 'em. It’s a sickness.

I’ve only had White Castle once in my adult life. It tasted okay and I didn’t get flatulence, but I did get the worst case of heartburn I’d ever had.

I think I’m the poster who mentioned that, and I’m pretty sure it’s the onions that causes the reaction. (ETA: He says, as he slowly caramelizes four pounds of onions for French onion soup–tonight’s dinner. I must really have an SO who loves me. :wink: )

I think you plagiarized my post before I had a chance to post it.:slight_smile:

I usually get 6 (plus fries) and often have 2-3 eaten before I get home (about 5 minutes). The gas however lasts much longer.

Also in Columbus Ohio and I rarely eat White Castle unless a night of drinking has been involved. That said, there are occassions where I’ll eat it sober. I used the think the flatulence had something to do with the sliders, whether it was the onion, the steamed meat, or some combination. I’ve become quite a fan of their Chicken with Cheese sandwiches (the chicken breast meat sandwich, not the chicken ring sandwich) and I gotta tell ya’… still get the awful/awesome gas.

And don’t even get me started about adding onion chips… :eek:


While I quit ground beef this year, I used to indulge at least once-a-week. If you eat them frequently, your body adjusts to the onions. Years ago, they would create some flatulence, but over time, it stopped completely. And alcohol, especially beer, definitely contributes to the potency of the flatulence.

Since we’ve moved south, we can only get this abomination called Krystal. They are not the same.
My old drinking standby was 2 cheeseburgers, 2 chicken, 2 fish, and onion chips. The goal was to not eat any till we got home. The problem was what order to eat them.

With me, it’s not just gas it’s the, ahem, total slider effect. Their exit, if you catch my drift. I haven’t eaten one in years. My digestive system is too precious to mistreat it that way any more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Um, no thanks! :smiley:

I love them and they don’t bother me. Of course I can eat a whole pot of pinto beans and I don’t have gas either.